The solar powered pedal boat represents a whole new look at pedal boating. The boat offers the option of crusing by way of a solar powered electric motor located safely between the pontoons, or by the more conventional foot powered paddlewheel. A battery is also included for night time use. The motor is activated by a trigger in the joystick type steering handle which becomes a safety kill switch when unattended. Just select from three speeds forward and reverse, pull the trigger and the solar pedal boat is underway at up to twice the speed of pedaling. The solar/electric motor can be used by itself or in concert with normal pedalling to increase overall speed and reduce effort. The solar pedal boat truly adds a new dimension to the enjoyment of pedal boating


Length .91 inches

Width ..64 inches

Weight 134 pounds

Capacity .800 pounds (4 people)

Pedal Boat
800 lbs. CAPAC - $1095.00