POWERPAK systems provide the ideal solution to remote energy problems. In areas where utility power is unavailable or too costly to install, and maintenance and fuel costs prohibit the use of conventional generators, photovoltaic systems provide the ideal solution for powering lights, water pumps, etc.

Solar power based on photovoltaic technology - the ability to turn sunlight into electricity - uses the world's cleanest, safest energy source: the Sun.

POWERPAK systems feature Solarex solar electric modules to ensure highly reliable electric power. Solarex Corporation is entering its 3rd decade as a world leader in the research, manufacture and marketing of advanced photovoltaic (PV) power products - the compenents in systems that transform sunlight directly into electricity.


POWERPAK Solar Electric systems include photovoltaic modules; mounting hardware; control and regulation equipment; lighting fixtures; and storage batteries. System components have been carefully designed and tested to meet the requirements of your application.

POWERPAK systems are completely modular and designed to enable you to add on to your system as your electrical needs increase with the addition of our POWERPAK "add on kits". POWERPAKs are flexible, highly reliable and virtually maintenance free. They are pollution free, operate silently, and require only sunlight for fuel. In areas where electrical power is limited or unavailable, POWERPAK systems provide an ideal source of reliable electricity.

All POWERPAK cottage and cabin systems include the following standard components.

Solarex SX-series solar modules -- Which convert sunlight directly into electricity. Solarex cells are made from extremely pure silicon. The photovoltaic effect occurs when the PV cell is struck by photons (sunlight), "freeing" silicon electrons to travel from the PV cell through electric circuitry, to a load - a light bulb, for example. They then return to the PV cell, where the silicon recaptures the electron and the process is repeated.

Array installation hardware -- For mounting your system on the roof, on the side of your cottage or cabin, or on a pole. The hardware includes anodized aluminum brackets, stainless steel bolts and connecting cables and wires.

Storage batteries, capable of storing sufficient electricity to operate the system at night and for 4 consecutive overcast days.

Charge control equipment -- offering battery overvoltage protection and low-voltage load-disconnect for all loads in small systems. For larger systems, 2 levels of low priority are established. In the event of insufficient battery voltage low priority loads (i.e. stereo) are disconnected first; critical loads (i.e. lights) are disconnected last.

Lights -- Fluorescent lights are provided in each of the POWERPAK kits (each 15 watt fluorescent light is equal to a 60 watt incandescent bulb).

Installation Manual -- easy step by step instructions for the do-it-yourself installer.

The power system best suited for your installation is determined by the daily energy requirements of your cottage or cabin. The system may easily be expanded to accommodate additional loads by adding more modules and batteries to produce greater power capacity.