Solar Propulsion is a worldwide supplier of solar energy products at discount prices. Solar panels,
solar lights, wind generators, and complete solar systems are just some of the products available
by mail order from Solar Propulsion. Solar products may be used on boats, cottages, and homes.

Discount Mail Order

Phone: 1-800-667-1431
Fax: 416-269-8957

Worldwide shipping is available
with free delivery in the continental
U.S. and Canada


BP Solarex SX-5
5 Watt Solar Panel

BP Solarex SX-70

Consulting is available for solar systems, especially solar propulsion for boats and adult bicycles. A display of products and prices is shown on this Web site. A free catalogue is also available. Products may be ordered by using VISA or MasterCard. Any questions? Call us free-of-charge using our toll-free
North American number: 1-800-667-1431.
International Orders Dial 1-416-282-0719

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