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Mahou Tsuki Tai
Magic Users Club

Bonus feature for this month

One day everything changed, an alien civilization of immense power sent a probe to the Earth. Their forces were so powerful and overwhelming the combined might of the UN forces were destroyed in an eyeblink.

But after the initial battle the aliens settled into a quietly peaceful, even polite observation of the citizens of earth. Life went on as usual except for the odd appearence of a robotic probe. People accepted their new neighbours

Everyone except a small group of students at a local highschool. Drawing upon long since forgotten knowledge, the Magic User's Club sets their mission as the defeat of the forces of the alien "Bell"

Released as a six part OAV, Mahou Tsuki Tai is a great combination of comedy and action/adventure (slightly H at times). Rumour has it a TV series is curently in production for upcoming release for the fall season in Japan.

These scans are from an Animage Mook and I found them as a mass post in one of the Anime NGs. The pics are fairly large (average say 400k 1000x1500 16 Million colour JPEGs) so low bandwidth users be warned.

On to the scans.

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