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The following JPOP CDs and DVDs are currently in stock. Since the quantity per item is limited (sometimes only one is available), please check for availability of the CD or DVD by e-mailing Sasami.

Most of the below DVDs are region 2-coded DVDs.
This means that to be able to play them, your DVD player must be compatible with region 2. However, there are some exceptions where the DVDs are configured for ALL regions. Simply inquiry about regional lock-outs when inquiring about availability.

Prices are in US funds, but include shipping and handling. Wow! :)


Aikawa Nanase Live Emotion 2000 Foxtrot Akina East Live DEX-XXIII Ayumi Hamasaki: Surreal Globe MTV DVD
Aikawa Nanase Live Emotion 2000 Foxtrot
Akina East Live DEX-XXIII
Ayumi Hamasaki: Surreal single
Globe MTV
Hikaru Utada: Wait and See single T.M. Revolution: Live Area 2000 A.D.
Hikaru Utada: Wait and See single
T.M. Revolution: Live Area 2000 A.D.
Akina Nakamori 91 Special Live			WPB6-90013		$38.48
Akina Nakamori Bitter & Sweet			WPB6-90012		$38.48
Kinki Kids Single Selection			JEBN-0001		$56.23
L'Arc-en-Ciel Chronicle 2			KSB5-5726		$41.26
Malice Mizer Bara No Kiseki			MMBV-018		$38.48
Mini-Momn MTV					EPBE-5013		$14.37
Seiko Matsuda Video Love			UBMK-1514		$54.47
Shena Ringo MTV					TOBF-5044		$31.51
V6 Very Happy - Live				AVBD-91040~1		$69.50


Kinki Kids CD C Album (1st print)
Kinki Kids CD C Album (1st print)
Arashi "Arashi"					PCCJ-00005	$11.22
Ayumi Hamasaki "M"				AVCD-30197	$13.08
Ayumi Hamasaki "Audience"			AVCD-30184	$13.08
Ayumi Hamasaki "Never Ever"			AVCD-30231	$13.08
Ayumi Hamasaki "A Best"				AVCD-11950	$29.61
Eriko Imai "Identity"				TFCC-87081	$13.08
Every Little Thing "Rescue Me"			AVCD-30115	$11.22
Fukuyama Masaharu "F"				UUCH-1013	$29.61
Globe "Euro Globe"				AVCD-11845	$29.61
Hiro "Treasure"					TFCC-87062	$13.08
Kyoka Fukada "How?"				PCCA-01451	$11.22
Kyoko Fukada					PCCA-01406	$11.22
L'Arc-en-ciel Clicked Single Best 13		KSC2-374	$29.61
Luna Sea Period 'The Best Selection'		UUCH-1012	$29.61
Mai Kuraki "Reach For The Sky"			GZCA-1051	$13.08
Mai Kuraki "Simply Wonderful			GZCA-1045	$13.08
Matsu Takako					BVCS-21002	$23.99
Max "Magic"					AVCD-30098	$11.22
Max "Never Gonna Stop It"			AVCD-30076	$11.22
M-Flo "Come Back To Me"				RZCD-45010	$11.22
Mica Arisaka "Over The Dream"			VICL-60558	$23.99
Misia "Marvelous"				BVCS-21022	$29.61
Namie Amuro "Something 'Bout The Kiss"		AVCD-30053	$11.22
Nanase Aikawa "Purana"				CTCR-18023	$29.61
S.E.S. "Here & There" (Single Collection)	VPCC-84149	$23.79
Shena Ringo "SR / ZCS" (3 CDs set)		TODT-5400~2	$33.76
Smap "Smap Vest"				VICL-50726~7	$38.75
Speed "Dear Friends 1"				TFCC-88161	$26.44
Speed "Dear Friends 2"				TFCC-88162	$26.44
TRF "He Lives In You"				AVCD-30048	$13.08
Utada Hikaru "For You"				TOCT-4230	$11.87
Utada Hikaru "Distance"				TOCT-24601	$29.61
Zard "Best 'Request Memorial'"			JBCJ-1024	$29.61

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