A Summary Of Design Work of Syd Mead

* By no means a complete or conprehensive compilation * * Information taken from "Future Concepts: The World of SYD MEAD" (Car Styling 1992) * Without permission, (please email for concerns)

Year    Works

1952    Worked for Alexander Film
1956    attended Art Center School
1959    Worked for Ford Motor
1961    Ford show car, "Gyron"
1961    "Fashion in Steel, Function in Design" (published by Hansen for US Steel), Illustruations
1961    "Concepts" (published by Hansen for US Steel), Illustrations and graphics
1962     For show truck, prototype
1962    Worked for Hasen Co.
1962    "projections" (for US Steel), Illustrations and graphics
1963    "Land of Power" (for Allis Chalmers), Illustrations and grpahics
1965    "Celcon" brochure (for Celanese), illustrations and graphics
1968    "Perspective" (for US Steel), illustrations and graphics
1969    "Interface" (portfolio), illustrations and graphics             
1969    "new Brand" (illustrated article Automobile Quarterly magazine)
1970    Formed Syd Mead Inc.            
1970    Consultant for Philips CIDC (~1982)
1971    Reel tape recorder proposal (Philips)
1971    Cruise ship proposals for Norwegian Carribean Line (~1974)
1974    TV console, proposal (Philips)
1975    Dental chair, proposal (Philips)
1976    Wristwaatch, proposal
1978    Toy concept (Mego Toy, not realized)
1978    movie "star Trek" (Paramount Pictures, realeased in 1979), V'ger Design
1979    American Illustrator Association Prize
1979    Worked at Italdesign in Lancia Delta Interior design
1979    "Sentinel" (published by Dragon's Dream)
1980    Movie "Tron" (Walt Disney, released in 1982)
1980    Movie "Blade Runner" (Warner Brothers, release 1982), visualization
1982    Houston Center (Texas Eastern Transmission, not realized)
1982    Posters (Tokyo internationals Sports Fair)
1983    Movie "2010 Odyssey Two" (MSG, released in 1984) visualization
1983    Formed Oblagon Inc.
1983    Personal exhibition "Car Design for 21st Century - The World of Syd Mead, Genius Who Looks at the Future"
1984    Discotheque "Turia", interior Design 
1985    "Oblagon" (Published by Oblagon)
1985    Movie "Short Circuit" (TriStar, released 1986), Number Five Desin
1985    Movie "Aliens" released (20th Century Fox, released in 1986), vehicle design
1985    "Space Club", Illustration
1985    Consultant for Tiger
1985    "Gundam" Poster
1985    Personal exibition "Visual Messages for the Future - Syd Mead's  Techno-fantasy", Tokyo
1987    TV  series "CyberForce", Props Design (not realized)
1987    Don Cubry Prize (ACCD)  
1987    Air pot (Tiger)
1987    Air pot with heater
1987    "Sentinel II" (published by Kodansha)
1987    TV  series "LA2015", visula conception (not realized)
1987    Chrysler Management Club Prize                   
1988    Cosmo Pacifica (Space World, not realized)
1988    "Studio Image I" (published by Oblagon)
1988    Executive pot, proposal
1988    2nd generation Air Pot, proposal
1989    Ink Pot Prize, Fantasy Division
1989    Move "Crisis 2050" (Boss Film, released in 1990), visualation
1989    "Studio Image II" (published by Oblagon)
1989    Volunteer Recongnition Prize (Edison Co.)
1989    F-22 exhibition design (Lockheed)
1990    Fairlane Prize (Ford)
1990    Future railroad design (Japan Rail East)
1990    Kobe Spaceport (not realized)
1990    Singapore Project (not realized)
1990    California pavilion, Seville Expo (not realized)
1990    "Chrome Dude", illustration for calendar (Oblagon)
1990    TV documentary "The Imagination - Futuristic Designer,Syd Mead's World" (NHK, high-definition format)
1990    Exhibition "crisis 2050" Tokyo
1991    "Dr. Jeekhan's" (Gammon 3) Interior and personnel costume
1991    "Spaceship 2056" (Reoma World), attraction design
1991    Video game "Terraforming" (Flight Stuff), Visualizatio
1991    "Blue Street", Illustration
1991    "Kronolog" (published by Bandai)
1992    Arrival at Megarena" (Car Styling), Illustration 
1993    "Kronolog II" (published by Bandai)

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