Terraforming - 1991 Video Game

"Terraforming", a software for the "PC Engine" video game device for home use, went on sale from Right Stuff in May 1992. Syd Mead was commissioned as visual concept designer for a project to create a new type of game software with strong impact. Mead used computer graphics to design the backgrounds for the eight stages of the game. He was in charge of desgning the images of the player (pilot) and "enemy" characters, as well as logo type including the counter numbers, thereby creating a unified overall image.

Terraforming is a shoot game based on a scenario by game designer Jun Sato. The play proceeds on to different stages, shoots the "enemy", and tries to absorb items which appear to increase their power. Thye screen scrool horizontally. The production stuff consisted of on writer, two designers, three persons for graphics, and one or two programmers. The music was done by Katsuhiro Hayashi.

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