Syd Mead: Movies Projects

Star Trek 1979, Paramount pictures, Director: Robert Wise.

A film based on the popular TV series in 50's. An immense intelligent entity is approaching the Earth. What did Enterprise crew see? Mead designed this space entity which was a key actor of the story. The script states "Something which no man had ever seen before ..."

Tron 1982, Walt Disney, Director: Steven Lisberger. The hero is transfered into the video game world (subspace) and he as a a character plays games and rive vehicles. The most footage of the film was produced by computer graphics. Mead designed Light Cycle, tank, Solar Sailor and Aircraft-carrier.

Bladerunner 1982, Warner Brothers, Director: Ridley Scott. The movie narrates the Replicants, androids which are similar to human beings, and the detective who weeks them. The props, including vehicles, streets and landscape, are one of the most interesting features of the film and Mead was responsible for the visualization. The designed the vehicles first because it sould take the longest to construct them. The design features of the props are visual bulk and complex outline with exaggerated details.

Crisis 2050 1990, Boss film, Director: Richard Edlund. The spaceship Helios goes to the Sun and cures its erratic threat to the Earth. The first motion picutre which NHK (the public broadcasting company of Japan) sponsored mead designed the spaceships Helio and Chiago, including interior.

2010 1984, MSM, Director: Peter Hyams. The sequel of a classic Sf movie, 2001 Space Odyssey. The spaceship Leonov and a Russian-American investigation group departs for Jupiter. Mead considered technological advance of 9 years in the story and visualized the exterior/interior of the Lenov, extra vehicular activity (EVA) pod, etc...

Short Circuit 1986, TriStar, Director: John Badham. A military robot runs away to gain freedom. Mead designed the lead actor, Number Nine, whois a convincing piece as a military device and has human expression.

Aliens 1986, 20th Centry Fox, Director: James Cameron. In this movie, Mead desinged spaceships and other vehicles. Interior design show practical and ratio composition, delivered from contemporary shipyard machinery.

Other works include: Gundam, Yamato 2029, and others (please help me complete) Return to Introduction of Syd Mead