Early in 1978, I started to write a story about the ultimate extension of computer memory systems; what would happen if you took predictive profilling to its ultimate extension and "built" a duplicate statisical world in computer memory parallel with the "real" world? The end result of this indulgence was an acronym; Oribital Biolab LA Grange Operations Node or OBLAGON. While the story is still a stack of sketches and notes in my files, the name became a corporation in 1983 in LA. The first visibility for the world Oblagon came in a fortunate asssocation with Miss Mieko Ichikawa on a co-publishing arrangemnt with Kodansha Publishers in Tokyo, Japan. Published In 1985, Oblagon the book, was a major retrospective of my work to that date selling 25,000 plus copies withing 45 days of release. The ideal of using Oblagon, Inc. as a promotional extension of Syd Mead, Inc, was a logical expoloitation of the volume of design and illustration material generated in the course of normal business. Promotion of my conceptual design and imaginative consultant services to clients and fans all over the world is currently the operative Oblagon purpose. Further use of Oblagon will be not only as a visibility vehicle, but as an intermediary agency between Syd Mead, Inc. and selected business and financial arrangments.

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