"Kronolog" is an innovative work, the first to show Syd Mead's creative process in video form. Watch it on a large monitor and you get the impression your are practically in the same room with the master at work, Mead explains, "What is important for drawing is not the materials or technique, but the conception and attitude". Both Mead's courage in consenting to this porject and the Bandai staff which planned and exectue it ware worthy of praise.

"Kronolog" is a three_part work consisting of "Kronovid", a 60 minute video doumentary, "Kronotecko", a 144-page collection of color illustrations, and "Kronovecta", a 328-page collection of concept works. "Kronovid" is availble in Laser disc version (product number MEADj-1) or a video cassette version (product number MEAD-101) The two books are the most beautiful collection of Mead's work to date and quite volumious. Hopefully they too will be available in video form one of these days.

In production, as work advanced, the nubmer of pages in the concept volume swelled, the number of color phooto increased, and the video part, which orginally planned for 20 mintues stretched to 60 minutes. But couldn't really cut anything, and in the end the project is it's present form.

Kronoteko, a collection of color illustrations, includes 130 pictures on 144 pages. Kronovecta is a collection of some 700 concept works on 328 pages, in four colours, two colors and monochrome.

Kronolog went on sale in December, 1991 in the laserdisc version. The first edition of 3500 copies is sold out. The much aske for video cassette will go on sale in August, 1992. (quoted early 1992). Hopefully Part II in the future will include works that didn't fit int Kornolog as well as Mead's most recent works.

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