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Name: Raymond Cheung (a.k.a. RVS 1111)

Age: Information classified . Authorization will require level 5 access .

Location: Information classified . Authorization will require level 5 access .

Contact: via email

Important Info.:
I'm a designer/illustrator/graphic artist/multimedia designer/...uhhh... whatever that's art related, who NEEDED A JOB DESPARATELY! But, has fortunately found himself something for the time being. Hey, nothings ever permanent, and I may be grovelling for another job real soon :)

Brief Background:
Graduated (with high honours) from Seneca College School of Communication Arts in May 1997 from the CGI (Computer Graphics Imagery) program.

Interests: Too many to list, but my main interest is with anything auto related.

Brief History behind RayVinSon:
RayVinSon is a combined effort of three people - RAYmond (RVS-1111), VINcent(RVS-003), and NelSON (RVS-007). RayVinSon was derived in the mid 80's when the three of us were still in highschool (and had nothing better to do then to come up with wild ideas for the future of mankind). The goal of RayVinSon is in the formation of an enterprise whose specialties are in a variety of fields and the ultimate goal of world domination with our products. "World domination?" you might ask - well remember that I did say this was an idea we conjured up during our days of highschool. It still could become reality - so watch for it.

Other info(FYI).:
This web page is the second version of the "RayVinSon Universe." The first version (in 1997) was an attempt at creating a web page and to keep my days occupied during my "ok, schools over, I have finally graduated now ... so I think I should get a job ... ahh crap! I can't find a stickin' job yet" dilema. This time around the web page is an exercise in creating a more advanced page with more graphics and Java stuff. Plus, the fact that I'm once again unemployed (deja-vu?)! So, I have more than enough time on my hands and if I don't do anything art-like, I'll get "designers block" and a very fat and lazy ass. Luckily, this page has taken me away from the possibility getting a lazy ass ... as for the fat part ... oh well, you can't get everything in life.

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