White Dance

Most summer dance courses offer repertoire of some sort for the students. We aren't unique in that. But, because we take only 6 students per session, we can guarantee that every student will perform featured roles and dance a lot. It's not every course that can say that. The course concludes with an informal showing before a live audience in the church. To date every show has sold out.

We feel students should learn and perform rep for a variety of reasons. First and foremost - it is what training to be a dancer is all about - performing. It should be challenging, but not overwhelming, and fun to do. It also gives dancers a chance to do work from a variety of choreographers about a variety of subjects in a variety of styles. Technique is important and must be maintained but performing good works of art with thorough and good coaching is where the transition from class dancer to artist takes place.

We keep these things in mind when selecting the rep. All of the pieces are well known to us and we have either performed the works for years ourselves or have in fact choreographed them. Pam who does most of the rep work is a consummate professional at the teaching of rep. She is a long time rehearsal director of the Danny Grossman Company.

You are treated as adults at this course. Most of the students to date have remarked on this and found it very refreshing. The movement and many of the sequences are hand taught but after each rep class homework is assigned and you are expected to learn it for the next session. The dancers at the course have 24 hour access to the studio and a video machine is provided. Once the dances are learned we provide in depth personal coaching on the roles you will perform.



"The sense of professionalism in the rehearsals and classes was so refreshing" - Kate Lucas, independent dancer and choreographer, Toronto.

"The performance on the last evening was an excellent way to finish the course. Not only did it give me a goal to work towards all month but the evening was great. The wonderful audience of Annapolis Royal was very appreciative and offered many compliments. We were all so proud of how we handled the challenging repertoire." - Kelly Jones, graduate, Ryerson University, teacher in Oshawa.

"In rep Pam was amazing. Skilled knowledgeable and extremely generous in every way" - Melanie Phillips, 4th year student at Simon Fraser university.

"Öin only one month I gained a tremendous amount physically and artistically because of Pam's approach: thorough and in depth. All in all my experience in Granville Ferry was inspiring & unforgettable; something uniquely essential" - Zoe Poluch, 2nd year student at The School of the Toronto Dance Theatre.