Tibetan on the Macintosh

by Pierre Robillard

Tibetan on the Macintosh is a set of fonts and utilities that allow actual Tibetan characters, including Tibetanized Sanskrit characters, to be used on any Macintosh computer in any Macintosh application (word processors, databases, desktop publishing applications, etc.). Printing can be done to any laser, dot-matrix or ink-jet printer in any size desired, and English and Tibetan text (as well as any other language) can be mixed together in a document.

The capabilites, features and requirements of the Tibetan on the Macintosh package are as follows:
- documentation in portable document format (.pdf) (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 2.1 or greater - available at
- hand tuned screen fonts (16, 18, 24 point).
- Tibetan TrueType fonts.
- custom Tibetan keyboard (software).
- three methods of inputting Tibetan from the keyboard (direct, stack key, ACIP transliteration).
- the ability to convert to and from Wylie (indirectly) and ACIP (Asian Classics Input Project) files.
- the ability to sort Tibetan in a database.
- requires System 7.x or greater.

Tibetan on the Macintosh is distributed as Free Software under the GNU General Public License. Please see the included ReadMe file for details.

Email: pierrer@interlog.com

Download one of the following:

Tibetan for the Macintosh (BinHex tibetan.hqx 1908K) download

Tibetan for the Macintosh (MacBinary tibetan.bin 1383K) download

Tibetan for Windows by Marvin Moser uses the same Tibetan fonts and is also available for free download.