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Special Meetings

If you want to discuss your case, or have a personal meeting for any other reason, please phone 416-698-3655, and leave a message for Butch Windsor. 


If you attend more than one meeting, or you just advocate better family values and equality rights, we can help each other, so please join HEART. 

If you want to join, please print out the following form, fill in your information, and mail the form to us at the address provided.  To complete your application, you must enclose your check for our annual membership fee of $30.00.
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HEART (Human Equality Action & Resource Team)

2A The Marketplace
East York, Ont.      M4C 5M1
Membership Application      Date: _______________

Mr. Mrs. Ms. (circle)

First Name: ___________________________

Last Name: ____________________________

Address: ______________________________

City: _________________________________

Postal Code: __________________________

Home Phone: ___________________________

Work Phone: ___________________________

Email Address: ________________________

FAX: __________________________________

Occupation: ___________________________