Notes on the Draft EPOC Constitution 

-Eric Tarkington 

The first draft EPOC Constitution in this website was presented in September 1997, on the nspa-org and nspa-l lists. Due to strong controversy with a few concerned people over the methods and the legal form of the organization, the formation process was halted, and formation team of the day was dissolved within a few weeks of the constitution's publication. 

The draft constitution was intended as a document for discussion by the formation team, it is the product of work from many people, and it is probably as good a basis for starting the organization as we are likely to get. It is in a form that is almost suitable for use as the corporate bylaws of EPOC. 

It is hoped that the content of the draft will meet with the approval of the interim board of directors. This would save time and effort, and use the work of the previous formation team to good advantage. 

Some additional work will be required, to produce bylaws from the draft constitution, and to meet technical/legal requirements. For an excellent source of information regarding the form and content of bylaws, the process of applying for non-profit corporation status, and a wealth of other related material, refer to: