Getting Wiser     by Giovanni Malito I got a parcel form my mother  today, packed with stuff.  There’s a photo of you and me,  each wearing sunglasses. Yours  are heart-shaped. We’re  semi-sunning it out in the backyard¾  you can’t be too careful with the u.v.  Even so, I’d say we look pretty cool  for a 40-year old new dad  and a 6-month old grinning fox.  I put the picture up with a tack  on the bulletin board next to my desk.  Who knows how many years   it will stay up there. Although  buried beneath calendars and memos,  it’s gathering dust. Memos, memo¾  that’s short for memorandum,  reminder or a just few letters short  of memento. I think the photo  is more than that. And I think   I’ll go out right now and buy  a white lacquer frame for us.