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"A book such as this becomes almost a necessity."
-- American Reference Books Annual (1994)


Telecommunications Directory (TD) is a comprehensive "one stop" source of information on the myriad of products, services, and activities in the telecommunications field. TD profiles over 8,500 organizations, services, and systems worldwide concerned with the delivery of data, voice, text, and/or image from one point to another. The 15th edition is published in two volumes:

Used By

Academic and public librarians, communications professionals, corporate executives, researchers, job seekers, and students seeking descriptive listings and contact information on traditional telecommunications offerings of established carriers as well as the many new systems and services under development.

Features and Benefits

New entries. Contains over 1,000 new or previously unlisted organizations and/or services which have been added to this edition.

Arrangement. TD's listings are organized geographically by region, then by country. Within each country, entries are arranged alphabetically by organization, followed by a description of functions and services.

Scope and coverage. TD's coverage spans providers of all types of products and services related to electronic communications. In particular, this edition features increased coverage of the satellite industry. Other areas include

Comprehensive listings. TD listings contain full organization contact information. In this edition there are 5,838 e-mail addresses and 7,223 URLs. In addition, most TD entries feature a wealth of descriptive information (when available), including principal officers and board of directors; functions/services; year founded; number of employees; geographic areas served; NAICS and SIC codes; parent company; principal shareholders; subsidiaries; trademarked names; access/equipment requirements; intended market; publications; pricing information; and in-depth financial figures for the last recent years.

Glossary. This comprehensive glossary defines more than 500 terms, acronyms, concepts, standards and government rulings key to the telecommunications industry.

New look. New page design and layout.

Increased Canadian coverage. Vol. 1 shows a 33% increase in Canadian entries from the previous edition.

Multiple access points--four indexes. This 15th edition of TD provides in-depth and quick access to the sequentially numbered listings through its four indexes in each volume:

The Function/Service, Geographic, and Personal Name indexes all provide full contact information for easy perusal.

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