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D&B/Gale Industry Reference Handbooks

NEW Gale and D&B are pleased to announce a new line of Industry Reference Handbooks that will bring together and supplement Gale and D&B data on specific industries for reference use in public and academic libraries. Your patrons will no longer need to search through dozens of sources to find background and directory information on particular industries, but will be able to consult these industry-specific sourcebooks.

Each handbook will be a detailed almanac, providing quick reference, in a series of high-interest industries. The following information will be provided in a chapter format: 

1st Ed. 600 pp./vol. Ready December 1998-1999.
ISBN 0-7876-3040-3.
Price: $495.00/5-vol. set.

Also available individually:

D&B/Gale Industry Reference Handbooks: Pharmaceutical and Chemical.
ISBN 0-7876-3004-7.

D&B/Gale Industry Reference Handbooks: Health and Medical Services.
ISBN 0-7876-3003-9.

D&B/Gale Industry Reference Handbooks: Electronics and Software.
ISBN 0-7876-3002-0.

D&B/Gale Industry Reference Handbooks: Banking and Finance.
ISBN 0-7876-3006-3.

D&B/Gale Industry Reference Handbooks: Telecommunications.
ISBN 0-7876-3005-5.

Price: $99.00/vol.
Place your order today by contacting Gale's order department or your Gale Representative. Remember: your order is backed by Gale's unconditional 30-day, money-back guarantee.

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