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My visual world does not limit itself to one medium or even one style. Contrary to the trendy perception that an artist is recognized by a singular form of mode or expression, I choose to experience my environment beyond the walls of my comfort zone; I prefer instead to satisfy my creative and intellectual curiosity through diverse means readily and abundantly available to me.

Despite this eclecticism which has become somewhat of a trademark, my work is consistently reflective, anecdotal and often symbolic. I would like to think that when I am engaged in the production of a painting, a photograph or a three-dimensional construction, I am telling a story using imagery like the characters in a tale complete with plot and setting. These features however are not always easily recognizable, for they may be the outcome of spontaneous or subconscious thought. Thus the imagery often transforms into a union of the representational with the abstract. Likewise, the materials I use and the way in which I use them are linked together by the continuity of the imagery and by the execution of the various skills.

I like to work in series and sometimes I can juggle two or three at a time. As so often happens if I am working on a painting, I may find solutions to problems I may be encountering in another painting or even a construction. Photography quite often leads me to unknown territory and sparks ideas for other prospective projects. I paint in oil, acrylic and watercolor; I build collages from shapes of colour and texture I myself make; I combine painting with assemblage to create relief pieces; I construct three-dimensional structures from tree trunks, steel, books, and building materials; I shoot Polaroid, black and white, and colour photographs,and recently digital. I am endlessly at play.

I start my day everyday with a couple of hours of teaching. This keeps me in touch with the next generation and allows me to give something back to the community. By mid-day I am well into the artwork in my new studio in the north end of the city. I spend a portion of my time on other aspects of the business of art such as marketing, documenting and photographing work, applying or preparing for exhibitions, grant applications or meetings with other artists or organizations I belong to.

My life as an artist does not begin and end within the confines of my studio but permeates all other activities and involvements.

The Art in Artist is in the Balancing Act.

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