Introduction to Russian Archives

Olga E. Glagoleva, Ph.D.
CERES, University of Toronto

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The Purpose of this Site This is a supplement to the course "Introduction to Archives in Russia and NIS" offered at CERES, University of Toronto, to graduate students who plan to carry out archival research in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union or work with Russian archival documents in Western repositories. It may be of interest to scholars and students of Slavic studies in a range of disciplines such as history, political science, sociology, literature, linguistics, etc. You will find here a description of my work in this field, some useful links, and basic bibliography that I do my best to maintain up-to-date. Also, I provide some samples (deciphered and explained) for those who would like to try their skills in reading Russian handwritten documents.
Can You Read What This Says?
Whether you can or cannot, I hope you find some useful tips in my book
Working with Russian Archival Documents: A Guide to Modern Handwriting, Document Forms, Language Patterns, and Other Related Topics
Course Introduction to Archives in Russia and NIS  
Article Archival Research in Russia: How to Make it Successful?
Russian version:
Работа исследователя в архивах России.Что обусловливает ее успех?
Bibliography Selected bibliography for Archival Research in Russian Studies
Links Some relevant website addresses
Glossary Russian archival terms
Samples Archival documents

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