Rear View Video
Rear View Video
Video Observation System

Designed Especially For:
Garbage & Dump Trucks
Recreational Vehicles
Delivery Vehicles
Farm Equipment
Tractor Trailers
Horse Trailers
Outdoor Security Applications


The Micro Video (TM) Products Rear View System is a high-quaility low-cost viewing system that helps drivers see activity at the rear or obstructed areas of the vehicle, and more importantly, any obstructions that would not normally be within the view of the driver when backing up.

A Micro Video(TM) Rear View System includes:
  • A weatherproofed CCD Camera with built-in auto-iris, fixed focused lens, Cast Aluminum Housing, Stainless steel camera bracket and S.S. mounting hardware; 60 ft. cable and
  • A 12 - 30 VDC 5" MONITOR with sunshield, mounting bracket and hardware.

  • The Rear view system is great for fast & simple Security surveillance Applications. The Heated Outdoor Camera will work in all kinds of weather conditions. The camera is enclosed in a rugged Cast aluminum housing and has all Stainless steel Hardware.
  • Sanitation, delivery and construction trucks use the Rear View System to prevent accidents when backing up.
  • All products are fully warranted. Easy to follow installation instructions are included.

    MV 552/274 Rear Viewer Video... $call$
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