# DM30A Miniature Dome Cameras
Pic of Dome in Hand© Pic with Dome removed©
Small & Simple Surveillance - Real time video signals (& audio if needed) that can be connected to a monitor and/or VCR. ---- Adjustable Viewing direction.
This is real KISS - "keep it simple surveillance!"
- Operates with any 9 or 12 Volts D.C. power supply.
It's only 3 - 1/2 inches wide. Simple to mount anywhere!

Featuring B/W Video camera using top quality low power consumption SHARP Japanese microchips ! Camera can be adjusted & fixed in any direction. Smoke colored cover makes it difficult to tell what direction the Camera is aimed - a real deterrent to criminal activity!

* Custom Wireless video transmitter options are available.

MV DM30A ......... (Dome Video) $149 US
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