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# MVC3210
Miniature Color Video Camera - True CCD

 pic of Color  cam in 1/2©

Color miniature camera is available with a 1/2 " thick case! - WOW.

Pic of board with an accessory lenspic with camera in shrink tubing

Robotics, Remote Contol Aircraft Or Industrial Inspection applications.

  1. Output compatable with your VCR or video capture board
  2. Real CCD - solid state video sensor ("NOT" Low res. / low sensitivity CMOS type sensor)
  3. Incredibly small with metal case
  4. Automatically adjusting iris - for varying light levels

Camera Specifications:

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Micro Video (TM) Products
One Mill Line Road
Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada, K0M 1A0
Phone: 1 (705) 738 1755

MVC3210C ......... w/ wiring & pinhole or Std. lens $199 US
MVC3210-4cs ......... w/ wiring & 1/2" case $239 US
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