Miniature Video Camera with Audio

Pic of miniature cam w/ audio©

This is " NOT" a CMOS device - this is a real CCD - there is a big difference in capabilities!

Use this tiny B & W camera to build your own A/V system at a very reasonable price.
Easy connection. Two wires connect to the RCA video in jacks of your VCR, modulator or monitor TV. Two wires connect to a 9-12VDC power supply or battery (not included). Power requirement is only 100ma.
Pinhole version sees through a hole about the size of a pinhead. Regular lens version has slightly better clarity and sensitivity than pinhole version.
This is one of the smallest and best performing board cameras you can buy, just compare the specs!

Micro Video (TM) Products

MV30AP ......... (micro cam w/ audio & pinhole lens) $99 US
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