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# MVC 26C Color Video Cameras

<IMG SRC="26pfrt1.jpg" ALT="View of Pinhole Colour Board " WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=246 BORDER=6 ALIGN=middle>© View of  Pinhole Colour Board ©

Yes! It's only 1 5/8" square!

Pinhole in 7/8 inch Thick  Case© Side View  in Case© Pinhole Version in Hand© Board with Standard lens©

Case is only 7/8" thick!

  1. NTSC output, compatable with your VCR or video capture board
  2. CCD - solid state video sensor ("NOT" Low res. / low sensitivity CMOS type sensor)
  3. Incredibly small for special applications!!
  4. Automatically adjusting iris - for varying light levels

Camera Specifications:

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Micro Video (TM) Products
One Mill Line Road
Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada, K0M 1A0

MVC26C ......... (board only) $199 USD
MVC26C - 8 .... (in micro Case) $235 USD
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