Wireless Video Transmitter / Receiver - Wireless Video Camera System <br>Video & Audio - 2.4 Ghz Band
Wireless Video & Audio Link - Pro Series
- 2.4 Ghz. Band

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Here's a PRO Series of transceivers to remotely monitor a scene without wires.
Get real time surveillance video that can be connected to a monitor, VCR or TV.
Included is a transmitter with 4 different selectable frequencies in the 2.4 Ghz band. Hook up any of our micro cams - like our MVC2500 or MVC3200
Color Cam series videocams (or any video source) to the transmitter's inputs and set up the Receiver at a remote Location. In minutes, you've got a Wireless Observation System with amazing possibilities!
Wireless video package offers 4 non-interfering user-selectable channels, 2 external user-defined alarm inputs on transmitter, 1 Amp receiver alarm output, Low power standby mode.
Remarkable range - maximum range with "rubber ducky" type transmitter antenna is well over a mile with a clear no Loss Line of Sight & using a 14dB Patch Antenna (Accessory) on the Receiver.
Code protected signal, Full-color NTSC/PAL compatible video, Low power operation, Win95 interface control, Audio transmission.
8 dB Patch Antenna pic©

This professional system has various options including Patch Antennas for the Receiver that can be used for maximum reception distance. Video & audio transmission to several thousand ft. is possible with the basic Pro FM System - and you can change frequencies with the push of a button!
Has Computer Control Interface Capabilities. Also has Alarm Capabilities.

Transmitter Connections  pic©

MV2400 Wireless Video Basic System ... Please Call about availability see new 2400PLUS

- 2.4 Ghz. Band
see.. Outdoor Version
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