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The Bottom Line: Pay for Performance

Now more than ever, businesses are paying employees - from the front line workers to senior executives - based on their performance.

No longer are salaries arbitrarily increased. Frequently, compensation is being tied directly to performance - of the individual, of their team, of their department and the company as a whole. The need for ongoing and open business communications to address employee concerns and expectations is greater than ever.

Earning Great Results from Compensation Communications

Getting the best results from people and creating a strong understanding of how pay and performance are linked requires an open approach to compensation issues. Clear, concise and ongoing direction on company objectives, new business techniques and financial status are all increasingly vital for employees whose pay is tied directly to company results.

Media Matrix Communications Inc. is a group of human resources communications professionals experienced in compensation issues such as pension plans, broadbanding, flex benefits and stock option plans.

We helped introduce a new job grading and pay structure for one of Canada’s major financial institutions. From initial strategizing to detailed creative and production of print and video materials, this highly successful program elicited tremendous positive employee feedback and reinforced the company’s move to a new, progressive company culture.

If you’re introducing or revising a pay for performance program, achieve excellent results with Media Matrix.

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