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Rallying the Troops: Motivation in the '90s

Downsizing. Restructuring. Pay freezes. Itís not surprising that highly motivated employees are sometimes hard to come by in these difficult times. But the power of strong business visions, clearly communicated, can do wonders.

Effective communication is not about another memo, another newsletter, another video. Itís about a targeted and informed strategic program. A two-way process. About ensuring the right messages are delivered and understood by the right audiences. Consistently.

Transforming Employee Ideas into a Better Bottom Line

Human achievement - itís what many human resources programs are designed to promote. However, no matter how excellent a program concept may be, success depends on a well-strategized launch reinforced by effective communications.

Media Matrix Communications Inc. is a group of human resources communications professionals. From developing vision/mission statements for changing corporate cultures to translating them into ongoing communications, weíve worked with some of Canadaís largest corporations.

Our successful repositioning of an existing employee suggestion plan program for a major public utility included design, name development, copywriting, quality control and print production for pre-launch and event materials, employee and evaluator brochures, posters, news-letters and evaluation forms. The result? An increase in employee participation and sizeable monetary savings for the company.

We provide creative concepts that really do rally the troops.

Motivational programmes:

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