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Learning is Everybodyís Business

In todayís changing and volatile business environment, developing people through continuous learning is one of the most important strategies for business growth.

That doesnít necessarily mean committing all of your resources to seminars and classroom training. It means cultivating adaptability and the ability to learn, every day, through every experience. New behaviours, skills and attitudes can be learned - however, effective communications are necessary to pave the way.

Cultivating a Learning Culture within your Corporate Culture

A dedication to constant learning advances individual careers as well as the business goals of your corporation.

Media Matrix Communications Inc. is a group of human resources communications professionals that has provided copywriting, design and print production for a number of "learning programs" and training courses in communications for clients in government and the private sector.

Communications play a large role in linking the development of people to the strategic needs of your business. And itís never too early to start. Thatís why, in an orientation program for a major Canadian company, the learning culture of the organization was introduced to new employees from their very first week on the job.

Through integrated communications with managers and with current and new employees, easy-to-use checklists and hands-on surveys were created to help new employees meet the challenges of a new work environment.

At Media Matrix, itís our business to provide effective communications that help make learning as easy as A,B,C.

Learning communications:

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