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The Balancing Act: Work & Lifestyle

We live and work in a climate where change and diversity is a regular part of life. Because of changing needs, a "one size fits all" approach to balancing work and lifestyle is no longer effective. New families, aging parents, promotions and transfers all affect the commitment and morale of your workforce.

Successful implementation of dynamic work and lifestyle alternatives, such as telecommuting or job sharing, requires clear and consistent communications.

Successfully Marketing Work & Lifestyle to 48,000 Employees

Flexible work options, telecommuting, job sharing - all are "family-friendly" programs which reflect the realities of personal and professional life in the 1990s. Employers who offer family-friendly workplaces often have more success in attracting and keeping to-notch workers.

Media Matrix helped launch flexible work options for one of Canadaís largest corporations. We created the programís visual identities, developed the copyís "tone of voice", produced all artwork bilingually and supervised the program's production, controlling both program cost and quality.

Delivery of easy-to-understand information to more than 48,000 employees was instrumental in the programís success. Sound marketing strategies and effective planning resulted in overall heightened program awareness and employee "buy-in".

Our Work & Lifestyle communications received finalist status in the international 1993 Gold Quill Awards sponsored by the International Association of Business Communicators.

Let us help you balance your programmes.

Work & Lifestyle Initiatives:

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