Skategeezer Test

Skategeezer Test

Are you a skategeezer? I mean a real skategeezer guru? The following test will determine this fact in less time than it takes to a clean a set of loose ball bearing wheels...

  1. Did you ride or own a metal or clay wheeled skateboard?
    Yes 5 points    No 0 points

  2. Did you own a set of Road Rider, OJ or Sims Snakes wheels?
    Yes 5 points    No 0 points

  3. Do you remember seeing the Charlie's Angels episode featuring Farrah Fawcett cruising on a board?
    Yes 5 points    No 0 points

  4. When you hear the word Elvis what comes to mind first:
    1. Presley (15 points)
    2. Costello (10 points)
    3. Stojko (0 points)

  5. Name 2 Logan Brothers and one Logan sister (3 points each).

  6. Which company did Shogo Kubo ride for? (3 points)

  7. Name the two major mail order companies that advertised in SkateBoarder Magazine. (2 points each)

  8. If you saw or owned the following skate videos, give yourself three points for each one:
    1. Bones Brigade Vol #1
    2. Future Primitive
    3. Search for Animal Chin

  9. What company did Stacy Peralta ride for before he teamed up with George Powell? (2 points)

  10. What was the religious line featured at the bottom of most Gordon and Smith advertisements? (5 points)

Total up your score and see below for your Skategeezer rating: