Your Input Needed for a New Magazine!!

Skateboarding has a rich heritage. Based on conversations Iíve had with many people, I believe there is a market for a new skateboard magazine: a magazine that captures the essence of skateboarding from many different eras.

Athough I have a number of ideas of what should be in the magazine, I need your input to ensure that itís a meaningful publication.

I already have a name for the magazine: Concrete Wave, and you will see a preview issue in the next issue of International Longboarder. However, since you've visited this site, you have the first opportunity to shape how the magazine will look!

Please take a moment to fill out this survey and fax it to 905-761-5295 or email me your thoughts at or snail mail it to:

Concrete Wave Magazine
1054 Center Street, Suite 293
Thornhill, Ontario L4J 8E5

Copies of this form are acceptable.

In appreciation of your efforts, youíll have a chance to win one of the following 12 prizes:


Thank you!

Michael Brooke,
The Concrete Wave

Concrete Wave Magazine Survey

(Please print clearly) Name:________________________________________



Zip/Postal Code_______________

Email :______________________________

What features or stories would you like to see in the magazine? (interviews, company profiles, photo section, skate collections, etc.)

What features or stories should not be in the magazine?

If there were very few pages of advertising (less than 10%), would you be willing to pay for it? (Yes/No)

How much would you be willing to pay if the magazine was available via only by subscription? $_____

Any additional comments (examples: Iíve been a skater since, Iíd like info on ad rates, our shop would like to carry this mag, my wealthy uncle would like to bankroll this pubication, etc.)