Skate Geezer Abroad

We have had so much positive response to the feedback section, that we want to go one step further. We are creating a world wide list of skategeezers!

Skatergeezers, if they choose, may send us their email address for this section. When you are planning to visit a certain city in the world, you simply check the list to see if the city or town appears and email the skategeezer on the list. You then can go ahead and make arrangements to connect!

The Skate Geezer List:


Toronto, Ontario: Mike Brooke
Montréal, Québec: Louis LoCo Corbeil


Schweinfurt, Germany: Bernhard Kuempel

Groet, Netherlands: Max Faber

Breda, The Netherlands: Paul Stekelenburg


Tasmania: Richard Jones


Silver Spring, Maryland: Kenneth Walsh

Birmingham, Alabama: Rick McCurdy

Eric Bollin, York, Pennsylvania,