Why "Snacks"? It's the name of the dog biscuit glued on the cover. This is a mail-art project. Copies are free to participants, or available for $4.

There are posters of cats, rats, dogs, dolphins, cows, ducks, a variety of other birds, hamsters, snakes turtles, rabbits, and ferrets, from Japan, Australia, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, France, England, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Czech Republic, Mexico, the USA and Canada.

To participate, snail-mail us a Lost or Found pet poster from your neighborhood. We recommend that you replace the poster you remove with a photocopy of the original. What you get is a book with about 50 others from around the world with a dog biscuit and a dog tag glued on the front cover. The collection is continually growing and changing, so each copy of this book is different. Visit the order form for our address.

Angry Thoreauan said: "This mail art project is not only the best one I ever recieved... but it is better than most zines!" Anderson Country on Radio Four reporting from the Counter Intelligence Show in London England said: "Nothing expresses the global character of zines more than Snacks." The show's review catalogue said "A genuine piece of late 20th century folk art." Obscure declared Snacks "The Cutest Zine of The Year." THE FACE declared Snacks one of "the weirdest zines in the world"

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