Travel Tips For Canadians:
Visiting The Great War Sites
of Flanders & Vimy Ridge
Hill 62

I receive many emails from those wishing to
visit the Ieper (Ypres) area and Vimy Ridge.

For many, there is a need for more information
concerning transportation, accommodations, timing
and general directions.

In writing this guide, it is my hope that I may help out
with many of these questions and concerns.

John Stephens             

Included Topics:

  • possible accommodations in Arras & Ieper (Ypres)
  • sketched route maps
  • what "not to miss"
  • suggested time needed
  • transportation options
  • suggested readings to prepare for your trip
  • useful web links
  • phone numbers
  • useful tips
  • historical background
  • GPS co-ordinates


  • suggestions should your trip also include visiting Dieppe & Normandy

Information is updated periodically

* * *

Feedback is always appreciated . . .

November 12, 2014

Dear John,

n late August, we did a 5 day trip through Arras/Vimy/Ipres/Somme,  and leaned extensively on your booklet. It was extremely useful and informative, and in fact, turned out to be THE  “go-to”  day-by-day reference, as we made our way about. 

The trip was terrific, and as I tell friends and colleagues today, I would return, if I could, without any hesitation. Thanks for your efforts and this very useful booklet.

 Best wishes.
Sheldon A.


December 3, 2012
e: Vimy / Flanders Booklet
Hello John --

 This is a very long overdue email, but had to contact you once again.  You had sent me your booklet and also had answered many questions via email that I had asked. We did our trip and it was wonderful.  Your booklet was so good to have and so informative, it was terrific . . .We loved the town of Arras.  We found the drive from the Paris airport to Arras easy, even after doing the all night flight.

One place that we found from your booklet was the tiny cemetery of Givenchy en Gohelle, oh, what a small treasure of a cemetery. If I had not had your booklet I am sure we would have not gone there. It was a beautiful fall day when we walked to it. Very worthwhile.   Also, finding the German cemetery was another piece of information that was good.

I could go on and on, but just want to tell you that your booklet is just wonderful. All the information and the maps all helped so much. So, thank you very much and also best wishes to you for the Christmas Season.

Connie McC


Subject: Our trip to France
Dear John
We just returned from a trip to France where we visited the war sites of Vimy and Flanders.  We planned the trip from your booklet and were very pleased with the information you shared with us.  We stayed in the hotels you recommended  ... The trip was unforgetable.  . . . The trip was emotional and very humbling...  We visited almost all of your recommended sites in the Vimy and Flanders areas.  Your information was clear and directions easy to follow.
Thank you for putting the booklet together and sharing it with those of us interested in war history.

 Ray & Dorothy W.


November 12, 2011


Today seemed to be an appropriate time to thank you for your booklet on visiting the The Great War Sites of Flanders and Vimy. We followed your recommendations almost 100% for cemetery and memorial visits as well as accommodations. Your booklet was invaluable and enriched our memorable tour of the region.Thank you and our best regards.

Mary-Lou and William


Hello John,

. . .  I thought I would drop you a line with a big thanks for your travel tip brochure. I found your book very very helpful in regards to finding our way around Arras and the local area,  . . . We rented a car in Paris and drove back and managed to take in all the Vimy and Beaumont -Hamel sites also found a neat site the La Grand mine in Pozieres, any way your brochure is worn out ,written on drawn on ripped bent and spent three days in my back pocket the best $12 I ever spent.

Thanks again for putting it together it made the trip fun.

 Randy F.
April 2, 2010


Hello John,

Just a note to say how helpful your guide was on our recent trip to the battlefields and memorials in France and Belgium.  We made good use of it from the accommodation suggestions in Ieper and Arras, the parking in those cities, to the less well known memorials like Zivy Crater, Langemark Cemetery and the Courcelette Memorial.  We covered a lot of things in three days, it was rather overwhelming, but very worthwhile.

Thanks very much for your efforts in providing such a helpful resource!

Sherry M

To: John Stephens
Subject: Re: WW I Booklet
John, just a word about your fantastic book that came today. What a find! many thanks for the invaluable tips.

Hi John,

. . .  My wife and I had a fantastic trip to France with the hi-lite being our time in Vimy, then going over to Ieper.  I can't thank you enough for the information you put together, we followed your suggestions 100%, my wife was most impressed as it is the first time I have ever used the computer to plan out a trip.

My trip only added to my interest of Vimy, and World War One, and I truly hope to once again return some day.

Thanks ever so much John, without your encouraging words, and endless information, I may never have experienced the trip in the same way......your endless dedication to your website and ongoing efforts for
more Canadians to better understand what sacrifices were made in the past is indeed most honourable.

All the best,
Norm B.

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