Slovenia - The Green Piece of Europe

Considering a trip to Slovenia? Have you been searching for a travel guide? Then you know that what's available is usually a few short, out of date pages in a large book about Eastern Europe. Some better information is emerging, but even that is usually limited to a few main tourist areas.

Slovenia - A Travel Guide to the Sunny Side of the Alps

Finally there is an alternative. A book that takes you down the back roads as well as the main highways. Based on 9,000 km of travel (in a country less than 250 km across).

The complete book comprises about 77,500 words of guide, plus about 6,900 words in the appendices and index, printed on standard letter paper. The advantage of ordinary paper is that you can punch holes and put the pages in a binder. Then, when touring, you can pull out just the page(s) you need each day, rather than lugging around an entire book all the time. Or, you can get the book in electronic form and print it yourself in whatever format you choose.

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What Others Say

"Don and I have just finished reading Ed Lenarcic's SLOVENIA - A Travel Guide To The Sunny Side Of The Alps and want to endorse it as an extremely accurate, comprehensive, well-researched document which we heartily recommend to anyone contemplating a visit to SLOVENIA. It's jam-packed with practical information and is a very enjoyable read.

Our travelogues on SWITZERLAND, SLOVENIA AND ITALY can be found at:

                            LINDA AND DON FREEDMAN"

"Exceeded my expectations." - M.H., New Hampshire

(Sent on a postcard) "The best $20 we spent. We showed your book to the people we were staying with in Slovenia. They thought it was VERY good." - F.F., New York (Two Slovenian families have now ordered their own copies as a result - Ed)

"The price was a bargain. Great stuff! Have one on me, will you ? Na zdravje!" - R.C., Belgium

"I enjoyed your travel guide tremendously! Your insight as to the more important places, the comments provided, etc., appeared to be the result of many, many trips to that wonderful little country. Yours was one of the best travel-related works I've ever read!" - E.L., Mississipi

(Sent on a postcard) "If there is a heaven on earth, it certainly is here in Slovenia. From rural Bela Kranj [sic] to urban Ljubljana, the wine, food, friendliness and scenery have gone beyond any expectations we had. Your book has been extremely helpful. Thanks again for the copy. - J.S., Minnesota

"I'm really pleased with it. I'll have fun rereading it enroute [to Slovenia]." - A.C., Colorado

(Written in a Christmas card): "The book arrived safely and is very informative. Just what I wanted. Thanks again." A.M., England

"Your book was very helpful, especially in the planning stages. I took only the pages pertaining to the areas we had chosen, but I read it a couple of times while choosing our routes. Anyway, just wanted to let you know we had a great time, loved Slovenia and it's people, and your book was much more on target than Lonely Planet." M.H., Texas

"I actually lived in Ljubljana for nine months. From what I know of Slovenia, your guide is remarkably detailed and accurate. Your guide is definitely worth the money and it'll be the first thing in my suitcase the next time I go over there!" W.E., New York

"It has an enthusiasm that seems slightly lacking in the Lonely Planet book" D.C. Vienna, Austria

"I found your tour advice very beneficial (and accurate), as we all had a wonderful visit to Slovenia. Our only complaint was that the visit was too short." R.H., Commander, U.S.S. aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy

How to Order

The price includes all applicable taxes (including Canadian GST) and first class air mail postage to you (for paper).

Paper copy: $20 (US funds) or $27 (Canadian funds). Because of the higher cost of postage, please add $3 (US) or $5 (Canadian) ONLY for addresses OUTSIDE of USA and Canada.

Electronic e-mailed copy: $15 (US funds) or $20 (Canadian funds). The book is in Word, formatted for an HP 1100. You can reformat for a different printer, but you may have to regenerate the table of contents and the index.

Methods of payment

- A cheque/check drawn on any US or Canadian bank.

- A travellers cheque/check, signed in both places, made out to "Ed Lenarcic".

- For Europeans, Australians, etc., a cheque drawn on your own bank account in your own currency seems to work. However, your bank may impose a substantial service charge.

- Cash is acceptable, if you trust the mail.

- VISA and Mastercard can be used to guarantee a "check in the mail", i.e., with credit card info, I'll send the book immediately and destroy the info when the check arrives. Please include the expiry date and the exact name on the card. If you don't trust the internet, you can fax the info to my home. Send an e-mail and I'll reply with the phone number.

Please send orders to the following address:

                 Ed Lenarcic
                 12 Doddington Drive
                 Toronto, Ontario  M8Y 1S4

Don't forget your name and address and e-mail address (in case of questions, like illegible writing)! Americans please be sure you have sufficient postage for letters to Canada! (60 cents, I believe).

Privacy policy: All information you provide is used only to fulfill orders. It is then retained as required by Canadian tax laws in case the authorities demand to see it (they never have yet). When legal to do so, it will be shredded. Bank and credit card info is destroyed as soon as funds clear. Under no circumstances will any information be used for further solicitation nor sold, given or shared with anyone else, except as required by law.

About the Author

A computer systems analyst by profession, Ed Lenarcic has travelled to almost 100 countries around the world, usually on the cheap. When people asked him for advice about places, he started putting together tip sheets and brief commentaries, concentrating especially on facets not covered in available guide books.

One day, near the end of a trip through Hungary, Ed and his wife Barbara were lamenting the poor quality of the travel guides for that country. Available books concentrated almost solely on the capital, Budapest, and sounded as if they were direct translations of government propaganda. They were convinced that had they been taking notes, they could have done a better job. Accordingly, they decided to write a travel book for the country Ed knew most about, and which did not have any existing guides - Slovenia.

It took hundreds of hours of research and two long trips to Slovenia to assemble the necessary information. Not having sought out any sponsorship, all accommodation, meals and admissions were paid for out of their own pockets. No establishment knew they were being evaluated for a travel guide.

Ed is Canadian-born but speaks Slovenian reasonably well. As Barb does not, she would often shop or wander on her own to find out how a true foreigner gets treated.

Having visited so many countries, Ed is often asked which one is his favorite. For many years, that answer was: "the next one". Much as he enjoyed the many places he visited, he was always eager to see something new. That wanderlust hasn't diminished (most recent trip: Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan; future plans: Malta, Cyprus, Israel, Belize), but Slovenia is the first place where he really wants to return again and again.

To chat to Ed about Slovenia, the book, or travel in general, to send e-mail to the author

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