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Here is a list of some of the other songs that Simon Climie and Rob Fisher have written for other artists (outside of their Climie Fisher and Naked Eyes work). If you can supply any more information to fill in any missing work please email me and let me know.

"I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)"     - performed by Aretha Franklin and George Michael
                                                             1986  -  from the album "Aretha" by Aretha Franklin

"An Angel Cries"                                    - peformed by Aretha Franklin
                                                             1986  -  from the album "Aretha"

"No Time To Stop Believing"                   - performed by Smokey Robinson
                                                             1986  -  from the album "Smoke Signals"

"Invincible"                                           - performed by Pat Benatar
                                                             1985  -  from the album "Seven The Hard Way"  also used
                                                                         in the movie "Legend Of Billie Jean"

"Ecstasy"                                               - performed by Jeff Beck
                                                             1985  -  from the album "Flash"

"One Little Lie" & "Chemistry Tonight"    - performed by Frida
                                                             1984  -  from the album "Shine"

"Time Wounds All Heals"                        - performed by Nick Lowe
                                                             1983  -  from the album "The Abominable Showman"

"Wounded Heart"                                    - performed by Leo Sayer
                                                              1983  -  from the album "Have You Ever Been In Love"

"Would A Stranger Do"                           - performed by Roger Daltrey
                                                              1984  -  from the album "Parting Would Be Painless"

"Heart To Heart"                                    - performed by Carlene Carter
                                                              1983   -  from the album "C'est C'Bon" or "Heart To Heart" ?

"One Little Lie"                                       - performed by Alisha
                                                              1986  -  from the album "Alisha"

"The Dream Is Always The Same"             - performed by Marilyn Martin
                                                              1986  -  from the album "Marilyn Martin"

"Shock To My System"                            - performed by Roberta Flack & Simon Climie
                                                              1989  -  from the album "Oasis" by Roberta Flack


"Get Lucky"                                            - performed by Jermaine Stewart
                                                              1988   -  from the album "Say It Again"

"Rise To The Occasion"                            - performed by Jermaine Jackson & La La
                                                              1988   -  from the "One Moment In Time/Summer Olympics"
                                                                 and the Jermaine Jackson album "Don't Take It Personal"

"Clean Up Your Act"                                - performed by Jermaine Jackson
                                                               198   -  from the O.S.T. "I'm Gonna Get You Sucker"

"Godsend"                                               - performed by Five Star
                                                               1988   -  from the album "Rock The World"

"My Heart Can't Tell You Know"               - performed by Rod Stewart
                                                               1988   -  from the album "Out Of Order"

"Solid Ground"                                        - performed by Deon Estus
                                                               1989   -  from the album "Spell"

"Passion In The Heart"                             - performed by Shirley Lewis
                                                                1989  -  from the album "Passion"

"Room To Move"                                       - performed by Animotion
                                                               1989   -  from the album "Animotion"

"Changing With The Years"                       -  performed by Kate Ceberano  
                                                               1989   -  from the album "Brave"

"And So I Will Wait For You"                  - performed by Freddie McGregor
                                                               198    -  from the album "Toughen Up"

"Take It As It Comes"                             - perfomed by Milli Vanilli
                                                               1989   -  from the U.S. album "Girl You Know It's True"

"Love Changes Everything"                        - performed by Mini Stars (a Portuguese group)

"Rise To The Occasion"                            - perfomed by Akiki Nakazato (a Japanese artist)

"When It Comes To Love"                         - performed by Fleetwood Mac
                                                               1990  -  from the album "Behind The Mask

"Secret Weapon"                                     - performed by Jellybean
                                                               1991  -  cd-bonus track on album "Spillin' The Beans"

"You're Not Alone"                                  - performed by Amy Grant
                                                               1991   -  from the album "Heart In Motion"

"I Wanna Come Home With You Tonight"  - performed by Tia Carrere (Climie/Fisher/Morgan)
                                                               1993  -  from the album "Dream"

"Facts Of Love"                                       - performed by Kim Boyce  (Climie/Fisher/Morgan)
                                                               1993  -  from the album "Facts Of Love"

"I Don't Know What's On Your Mind"      - performed by Edyta Gorniak
                                                               1997 - from the album

"Love Changes Everything"                        - performed by The Carter Twins
                                                                1997 from the album ?
"Rise To The Occasion"                            - performed by Two In One
                                                               1998  -  from the album "Now And Forever"

"I Know A Good Thing When I Feel It"     - performed by Quincy Jones
"Even The Mighty Fall"                            - performed by Kate Ceberano

"Loving You Comes Natural"                      - written with Jane Wiedlin

"The Last To Know"                                 - performed by Naked Eyes (co-written with Pete Byrne)
"Losing You"                                            1999  -  from their forthcoming new album
"No Ordinary Girl"

"Hopelessly"                                            - performed by Rick Astley  (co-written with Rick Astley)
"Remember The Days"                              1993  -  from the album "Body And Soul"

"Chameleon Dreams"                                 - performed by Margaret Urlich
                                                               1992  -  from the album "Chameleon Dreams"

"Cry For Help"                                         - performed by Rick Astley  (co-written with Rick Astley)
"Move Right Out"                                     1990  -  from the album "Free"

"Still Not Over You (Getting  Over Me)"   - performed by Michael McDonald on 'Soulspeak' cd
also written with Dennis Morgan
"Enemey Within"

"Come And Get It"                                   -performed by Louise
                                                               2001  from her "Best Of..." CD
                                                               (co-written with Toby Baker & Nicky Shaw)
                                                               Simon on backing vocals

"Higher Than Heaven" (single)                 - performed by Kelle Bryan
"Youíre The One I Need"                         2001 - from the album "Breakfast In Bed"
"Moviín On"
That's Love"
"Wait A Minute"
"No Other Lover"

"You've Never Been Loved Before"           - performed by Dina Carroll

"If You Feel The Night"                           - performed by Valeria
                                                                2001 - from the album "Freshly Squeezed"

"Love Is Breaking My Heart"                    - performed by Thunderbugs
"Delicious"                                               2000 - from the album "Delicious"
"Does Your Heart Still Break"
"New Beginning"                                       - performed by Stephen Gately
                                                                2000 - from the album 'New Beginning
                                                                (co-written with Stephen Gately/Anders Bagge/A. Birgisson)

"Don't Look For Love" &                            - peformed by Heather Small (singer from M People)
"Ease Your Troubled Mind" &                   2000  -  from the album "Proud" 
"What Do I Have?                                     (co-written and co-produced by Simon Climie)

"Won't Take It Lying Down"                      - performed by Honeyz
                                                                 1999  - from the album "Wonder No. 8 (2nd edition)

"I Can Tell You Anything"                          - performed by Julia Fordham
                                                                1998  -  from the album "East West"

"No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross"                     - performed by David Cassidy
                                                                1998  -  from the album "Old Trick New Dog"

"Destiny"                                                    - performed by Rubbadubb
                                                                1998 - track on cd single for song 'Tribute To Our Ancestors"

"Tudo Por Nada (My Heart Can't                - performed by Paulo Richardo  (Climie/Morgan)
                               Tell You No)              1998  -  from the album "Brazilian Collection"

"I Do Believe"                                            - performed by Will Downing (Climie/Jennings)
                                                                 1997  -  from the "Cats Don't Dance" Soundtrack

"Healing Love"                                           - performed by Louise
                                                                 1997  -  from the album "Woman In Me"

"Intimate"                                                 - performed by Louise
                                                                 1997  -  from the CD single "Arms Around The World"

"And So I Will Wait For You"                   - performed by Brian Kennedy
                                                                1996  -  from the album "A Better Man"

"Tuff Act To Follow"  &  "This Heart"       - performed by MN8
"This Heart"                                             1996 - from the album 'Freaky"
"I Promise"
"I'll Give You My Everything"

"Oh How The Years Go By"                        - performed by Vanessa Williams
                                                                1996  -  from the  various artists album "NBA At 50"
                                                                             and from the album "Next" by Vanessa Williams

"Love Rules"                                             -  performed by WestEnd
                                                                1995 1st Avenue Records/RCA/BMG
                                                                (co-written with Lamont Dozier)

"Salvation"                                                -  performed by Dana Dawson
"Baby Do Me Right"                                  1995  -  from the album "Black Butterfly"

"Freedom Calling"                                      -  performed by Dana Dawson
"The Miracle Of Your Love"                      1995  -  from the CD single "3 Is Family

"Oh How The Years Go By"                        - performed by Amy Grant
                                                                1994  -  from the album "House Of Love"

"Real Love"                                                - performed by Louise
"All Of You"                                              1996   -  from the cd single "In Walked Love"

"Do Me Right"                                            - performed by Louise
                                                                 1996  -  from the cd single "Naked"

"Light Of My Life"                                    - performed by Louise
"One Kiss From Heaven"                            1995   -  from the album "Naked
"Undivided Love"
"Never Too Late"

"Different Time, Different Place"                - performed by Julia Fordham
"Threadbare"                                             1994  -  from the album "Falling Forward"

"Rise Up"                                                   -  performed by Michelle Gayle
(recorded as "Take It To The Limit" by      1994  -  from the album "Michelle Gayle"
 Simon Climie)

"Please Forgive Me"                                    - performed by Julia Fordham
                                                                  1994  -  from the cd single "I Can't Help Myself"

 "Love Me Now"                                          - performed by Shirley Kwon Suk 'E (in Cantonese)
                                                                  1994  -  from the album "Creating Dreams"

"River Of Life (Mara's Theme)"                  - performed by Heitor  (Climie/Fredrix/Heitor)
                                                                  1994  -  from the album "Heitor"

"Love In The Right Hands"                          - performed by Clay Crosse (Burnette/Climie/Morgan)
                                                                  1993  -  from the album "My Place Is With You"
"Until I Get Over You"                               - performed by Lulu
                                                                  1993   -  from the album "Independence"

"Dirty Money"                                            - performed by Dee Fredrix
"And So I Will Wait For You"                    1993    -  from the album "Grace"
"Whatever It Takes"
"Hold On To What We've Got"
"How Can This Be Wrong"
"There But For The Grace"
"If I Could Relive Your Love"
"Don't Get In My Way"
"Buried Treasure"

"In My Heart To Stay"                             -  performed by Robin Beck
"Changing With The Years"                      1992  - from the album "Human Instinct"


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