ERIC CLAPTON  - Pilgrim    Reprise  1998   CDW 46577

Simon co-produced this album with Eric Clapton and co-wrote six of the songs from it (these songs are marked with an *.)  Here is a breakdown of his work on the album:

Track Listing:                     What Simon performs on the track:
My Father's Eyes               keyboards
River Of Tears   *              keyboards/synthesizer bass/backing vocals
Pilgrim   *                           drum programming/keyboards/backing vocals
Broken Hearted                  keyboard programming
One Chance   *                    keyboards
Circus                                 keyboards
Going Down Slow                 keyboards
Fall Like Rain                       keyboards
Born In Time                       keyboards
Sick And Tired   *               drum programming/keyboards
Needs His Woman
She's Gone   *                     keyboards
You Were There                  drum and keyboard programming/backing vocals
Inside Of Me   *                  keyboards

T.D.F. - Retail Therapy       Reprise  1997    CDW 46489

Simon co-produced and co-wrote all the songs on the album with "x-sample" who is Eric Clapton. The cd booklet doesn't give much detail on who played on the record.  "Rip Stop" was released as the first single with a commercial cd single also being issued, and "What She Wants" was also issued to radio as a promotional cd single (details below).

Track Listing:

Blue Rock  /  Angelica  /  Pnom-sen  /  Sno-god  /  Sieuna  /  Seven  /  Angelica's Dream  /  What She Wants  /  Donna  /  Rip Stop  /  What Else

RIP STOP    1997 Reprise Records   9 43855-2
cd single track listing:
Rip Stop    Album Edit
Rip Stop    Rabbit in the Moon's Creamy, Funkshunal Mix
Rip Stop    Shed Science Angelic Uplift Mix
Rip Stop    Shed Science Hard Left Remix
Seven        Nicky Balckmarket Roll Out Mix
Rip Stop    DJ Pulse 12" Mix
Rip Stop    DJ Pulse Beatz Mix

WHAT SHE WANTS  1997 Reprise Records    Promo cd single  PRO-CD 8754
What She Wants   Radio Edit  4:16
What She Wants   Album Version  6:02

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