November 14th, 2015  -  Simon Climie continues to work with Eric Clapton, co-producing most
                                     of his recent releases including the albums - Old Sock (2013), Back
                                     Home (2005) and Me and Mr. Johnson (2004).

                                  -  Simon worked on Chris Medina's album "What Are Words" that was
                                      released in 2011, co-writing seven of the songs on the album.

                                   -  Simon Climie has a Twitter account, click here to go to his page.

August 28th, 2009     - Edsel Records have recently reissued the Climie Fisher albums
                                    "Everything" and "Coming In For The Kill" with bonus tracks.
                                    The extra tracks are generally b-sides and for "Everything"
                                    they are: Mental Block, Never Close The Show, FarAcross The
                                    Water, Nothing But A Feeling, Climbing Up The Ladder, Love
                                    Like A River (Dance Mix) and Haunted House. For "Coming In
                                    For The Kill" the extra tracks are: Cold Light Of Day, Gypsy,
                                    Memories (If I Could Relive Your Love), Godsend, You're
                                    Not Alone In The World, Rhythm Of The World and The Way
                                    It Should Be.

                                    You can order "Everything" and "Coming In For The Kill" here.

June 25th, 2009        -  Simon Climie has produced a couple of new cds that are available in
                                    the stores: Taylor Hick's latest cd title "The Distance" and Lara
                                    Fabian's new french cd titled "Toutes Les Femmes En Moi" (he co-wrote
                                    12 of the 13 songs on her album).

July 15, 2008            -  Simon Climie has produced the latest Michael McDonald cd titled
                                    'Soulspeak'. The album includes a cover of Simon's song 'I Knew You
                                     Were Waiting (For Me)' that was a hit for Aretha Franklin and
                                     George Michael back in 1987. The cd also contains two new original
                                     songs written by Simon and Michael - 'Still Not Over You (Getting
                                     Over Me) also written with Dennis Morgan and 'Enemey Within'.

                                 -  Simon has also got a MySpace page up and running.

October 21st, 2006    -  Simon Climie has written and produced the song 'By The Time' on Louise
                                     Setara's new Blue Note Records release 'Still Waters".

July 3rd, 2006          -  Simon Climie has been working in the studio with a new U.K. R&B singer
                                    named Rachel Oteh. If you click on diary you should go to a section of
                                    her website where you can watch a video clip of Simon working with her
                                    in the recording studio (in case you want to see what Simon looks like
                                    these days).

February 6th, 2006   -  An up and coming British duo pop group called Wilson have recorded a
                                    cover of Love Changes (Everything), and hope to sign to a major label
                                    soon. Once I receive more info on the group I will post it.

                                    Another group called Sunkissed United has also done a cover of Love
                                    Changes (Everything), not sure if it is going to get a commercial release
                                    or not.

January 6th, 2006    -  As mentioned before Pete Byrne is touring these days as Naked Eyes, and
                                   I recently was told about a decent online article about the band, click here
                                   to go to the article. Check the PJB Music website for upcoming concert dates.

July 1st, 2005          - 'Back Home' Eric Clapton's first album of new original material in nearly five
                                   years will be released on Reprise/Duck Records on August 30th. Featuring
                                   twelve songs, five of which were penned by Clapton with creative collaborator
                                   Simon Climie, Back Home is produced by Eric Clapton and Simon Climie, who
                                   together also wrote the album's debut single 'Revolution',

                                - The new Lulu cd produced by Simon Climie is set to be released on August

June 11th, 2005        - Pete Byrne has announced some Naked Eyes tour dates, an amazing chance to
                                  see him perform live as Naked Eyes. Hopefully more dates will be added
                                  so check out his PJB Music website regularly for updates.

                                 Naked Eyes 2005 Live Tour Dates:
                                 June 16 Sacramento, CA. Powerhouse Pub.
                                 June 17 Reno, NV. Golden Pheonix.
                                 June 30 Orlando, FL. Hard Rock Live.
                                 July 10 Detroit, MI. Private Affair.
                                 July 27th, Orem, Utah -  McKay Event Center (with Howard Jones & Men
                                 At Work)
                                 July 29 Cedar Rapids, IA. Cabo Sports Bar.
                                 July 30 Los Angeles, CA. El Rey Theatre.

October 28th, 2004 - The new Michael MacDonald - Motown 2 cd is out in stores now, produced
                                  by Simon Climie at his Signia Studios in Nice, France. Found this quote
                                  from Simon on a website talking about working with Rick Nowles and
                                  using DigiStudio - "We could have our master vocals previewed in twenty
                                  minutes. It was fantastic. While our music was downloading to Rick in the
                                  States, we had just enough time to enjoy a delicious pizza and then we could
                                  get right back to work."

August 20th, 2004 - The new Michael MacDonald 'Motown 2' cd produced by Simon Climie is
                                scheduled to be released in Canada on September 28th, 2004.

April 17th, 2004   - It looks like some of Rob Fisher's ex-fellow musicians from Bath University
                              in the late 70's are planning to record and release a tribute cd to Rob in
                              the next year. Some songs have already been written and initial demos made.
                              Once I have some confirmed details I will post them here, so stayed tuned
                              for news on this great project.

                              Simon Climie has worked as producer again with Eric Clapton on his latest
                              cd 'Me and Mr. Johnston'.

                              News from Michael MacDonald's website that Simon Climie is set to produce
                              his next cd after the great success of his Motown release over the last year.

May 22nd, 2003   - Michael MacDonald's new cd "Motown" (produced by Simon Climie) entered
                              the U.K. album chart at number 29 a couple of weeks ago.

April 25th, 2003  - The Becky Baeling cd "Becstasy" is due out through Universal Music on
                              June 24th, should contain the track 'If You Love Me ' co-written by Simon.
                              Also Michael MacDonald's Motown Tribute cd produced by Simon will be
                              out on May 5th in the U.K.

Feb. 10th, 2003  -  The international version of Santana's latest CD "SHAMAN" contains the
                             track 'Let Me Love You Tonight' which is co-written by Simon Climie.
Oct. 4th, 2002   -  Simon Climie is producing Michael MacDonald's new Motown tribute cd. It's
                              tentively scheduled for an early spring release.

April 6th, 2002  -  The following news has been posted on Simon Climie's website:
                             5.1 DVD Audio - We've been working on a number of 5.1 productions including the
                             following which are just now being released : "Riding with the King" : BB King & Eric
                             Clapton : Warners   This album sounds amazing in 5.1
                             "Reptile" : Eric Clapton : Warners   Check out the impressions panned to the right
                             surround speakers as well as many subtleties that you would never hear on a
                             conventional stereo system
                             "The Hyde Park Show" : Eric Clapton : Warners   A Legendary Show - Absolutely
                             amazing performances - Sounds even better in surround.

                            Simon is also currently writing and producing for a number of artists including
                            Carlos Santana, Aretha Franklin, Faith Hill, Becky Baeling, Valeria, Kelle Price
                            featuring Eric Clapton, Melodi Brown, Lara Fabian and a few very exciting
                            collaborations which we are not allowed to talk about yet !!!

Nov. 25th, 2001  -  I've been notified that longtime writing partner Dennis Morgan has his own
                             website, click here to go to his website.

Oct. 17th, 2001   -  Simon Climie has his own website now, check the links page. Simon is in the U.S.
                              building a studio and finishing work on some recordings. He is also currently
                              setting up a publishing and production company called Signia Music.

April 24th, 2001 - A tip from fan Chris Noebel has led me to a website that has a minute sample of
                            a song written by Simon Climie and Peter Sinfield. The song is called "Long Time
                            Gone" and click here to go to the Songlink website, scroll down a bit to get to the
                            song and click to listem, enjoy.

Feb. 15th, 2001  - Simon Climie has co-produced the new Eric Clapton cd titled "Reptile" that is
                           due in stores on March 13th. The album was recorded in Los Angeles last summer
                           with Clapton and producer Simon Climie. Simon also wrote two of the tracks,
                           "Broken Down" (co-written with Dennis Morgan), and "Second Nature" (co-written
                           with Eric Clapton and Dennis Morgan).

Sept. 17, 2000   - Got an email from Matthew Carrier letting me know about his Climie Fisher web
                           site. It has some scans of the early singles as well as some great photos of Simon
                           and Rob live in concert. Check out my links page to get to his site.

Sept. 11, 2000   - There is a super new Naked Eyes track available for download at the PJB Music
                           website (see links). It is called "If I Can't Make You Mine" and is great. Other
                           Naked Eyes related news: A Naked Eyes B side and original extended dance mix
                           collection is being compiled and is slated for release in December 2000.
                           The Naked Eyes Unreleased and new mix collection is projected for spring 2001.
                           Pete Byrne's new solo album "The Real Illusion" is being mixed and will be available
                           in October.

June 18, 2000   - Simon Climie has co-produced the new cd by Eric Clapton & B.B. King titled "Riding
                           With The King" that was released on June 13th, 2000.

June 17, 2000   - Simon has co-written and co-produced three tracks on the new Heather Small (M
                           People) cd titled "Proud". They are - "Don't Look For Love", "Ease Your Troubled
                           Mind" and "What Do I Have?". The cd is out in the U.K. and probably Europe now.

May 14th,2000  - It appears that Simon Climie has been working with a few new artists recently. Simon
                           has been writing songs with M People's vocalist Heather Small. The full cd is due out
                           in May  or June on Arista/BMG in the U.K. .  The first single "Proud" has already
                           been released.

                           Simon has also recently been working with Thunderbugs, a girl group on Epic
                           Records. Once I get more detail on these releases I will let you know.

                           The recently released Eric Clapton cd "Clapton Chronicles" contains two new tracks,
                           one titled "Get Lost" was co-produced by Simon Climie.

                           Thanks to fan  Chris Noebel I have found out some more songs that Simon has written
                           over  the last few years, so I have added them to the songwriting credits. These
                           include songs by the likes of Dee Fredrix, Dana Dawson, Honeyz, and Robin Beck.

Feb. 20, 2000     -  EMI Holland has released a new collection titled "Premium Gold Collection" on Feb.
                             7th, 2000. It is a great collection that contains some rare B-sides including "Mental
                             Block" that has only appeared on the hard to find 1992 2 CD collection titled "Twice
                             As Much".

Aug. 25th, 1999  -  Rob Fisher RIP 8/25/99
                            Today at 17:00 GMT, Rob Fisher, the multi talented songwriter and producer passed
                            away. He had been sick for some time and last week was admitted to hospital for
                            an emergency operation. He never recovered. He would have been forty years
                            old on November 5th.

                            On a personal note, Rob Fisher's work with Naked Eyes and Climie Fisher is some of
                            my favourite music of all time. I wish I could have met Rob to tell him what a great
                            songwriter he was and how much his music meant to me. I am very saddened to hear
                            about his passing, I will always love his music. My condolences go out to his family
                            and friends, especially Pete Byrne and Simon Climie.     Kirk

June 8th, 1999  - I added the track listing and cover of the hard to find Climie Fisher 2 CD set titled "Twice As Much" to the discography section.

Feb 8th, 1999  - A brand new Naked Eyes song titled "The Last To Know" is set up in MP3 format on Pete Byrne's PJBMusic web site. The song is fantastic, complete with a classic Naked Eyes bass line. No date on the release of it as a single, but Pete Byrne's first solo cd single for the song "I'm A Believer" is due for release on March 2nd, 1999 through the web site. A link to this site is on my links page.

Simon Climie was the Musical Director on Eric Clapton's most recent tour.

Rob Fisher has recently got back together to work with Pete Byrne as NAKED EYES. They hope to put out a new record, and possibly tour. Pete is also working with Capitol Records on a possible Naked Eyes - B-Sides and Rarities cd release.

Simon Climie has co-written and produced most of the latest Eric Clapton release PILGRIM.

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