Everything by CLIMIE FISHER is the debut of duo Simon Climie and Rob Fisher. And everything it is... everything that makes great pop.  Pop edges and soul centers.  Atmospheric emotional songs of real impact.  Already a tremendous hit in their native U.K., Germany (where they first charted), Europe and Japan, CLIMIE FISHER's success story is about to be repeated here.

Produced by Steve Lillywhite (U2, Simple Minds) and Stephen Hague (Pet Shop Boys, Madame Butterfly with Malcolm McLaren), Everything's the culmination of a chance meeting three years ago.

So begins the history of CLIMIE FISHER.  Both were doing session work. Both were booked into the same demo session at the famous Abbey Road Studios -- Fisher on keyboards, and Climie on vocals.  They hit it off, wound up at the Abbey Road bar reminiscing about the Beatles and the current lack of good songs.  Rob was looking for a singer/songwriter; Simon was looking for someone to write and record with.  Why not?  So began CLIMIE FISHER.

At the time Rob was still involved with Naked Eyes.  Simon was working with Steve Lillywhite as arranger and Fairlight programmer.  It would be another year before they were able to get together and officially form CLIMIE FISHER, get a record deal with EMI, and begin recording.

Rob Fisher. Born in Cheltenham, England.  Rob showed an early interest in piano, which led to lessons and a succession of bands while studying electronics at Bath University.  In 1979 Rob met singer Pete Byrne and together they formed Neon, later changed to Naked Eyes.  Signed to EMI in 1982, their debut album Burning Bridges gave them two Top 10 singles in America: "Always Something There To Remind Me" and the self-penned "Promises Promises." (the album was titled "Naked Eyes" in North America.)

After the second album was released to mild reception, the two drifted apart -- Pete to the States, Rob remaining in London.  During the period before hooking up with Simon, Rob did session work, most notably with Billy Ocean ("When The Going Gets Tough"), The Alarm, and the Communards.

Simon Climie.  Born in Fulham, England.  Simon's father was the English editor for Mad magazine.  At an early age he started playing guitar, piano, and writing songs.  He moved to London to do sessions, beginning as a guitarist and keyboard player, evolving into singing and writing only.  By 17 he had been in several bands.  That experience led to his being signed to a publishing deal with Chrysalis.  From there Simon met and started working with Steve Lillywhite.  Lillywhite let him write, play keyboards, and handle arrangements on two songs for a solo LP by Frida (ABBA). Lillywhite encouraged Simon to sing and offered to produce him when he was ready.  Around this time ('86), Simon began getting his songs covered by the likes of Smokey Robinson ("No Time To Stop Believing"), Jeff Beck, Pat Benatar ("Invincible", Aretha Franklin and George Michael ("I Knew You Were Waiting For Me," co-written with Denis Morgan), and Rod Stewart ("The One You Love").

Over a period of 18 months Simon and Rob completed Everything.  Full of love songs, the tone of the album is optimistic, and when it's not optimistic, it's positive.  In the grand Holland/Dozier/Holland tradition, CLIMIE FISHER collaborated on several songs with Denis Morgan, a respected songwriter in his own right: their first single "Love Changes (Everything)" (remixed by Bob Clearmountain), "Rise To The Occasion," "Room To Move," and "I Won't Bleed For You" among them.  Everything also features the duo's own handiwork: "Break The Silence," "Bite The Hand That Feeds," "Never Let A Chance Go By," "This Is Me," and "Precious Moments" (the test song to see if a collaboration would work).

Why does CLIMIE FISHER work?  Simon says, "We're a contrast, opposites that work."  Rob says, "My background is more English, his is a bit more R&B influenced.  Mix them up and you get Everything."

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