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OK, I just got the bug to do some translations and other hacks for the TurboGrafx/PC-Engine consoles. And maybe the PC-FX eventually, you never know.

I did a couple of quick tests on a couple of HuCard games, and a couple of CD-ROM games, and I have been in contact with NightWolve of #TurboDuo on DALNet, who has given me some good ideas and information.

I also did a quick test on Lunatic Dawn, a PC-FX game. While searching for text and translating it to english could be a tough job, at least it appears that PC-FX games can accept ASCII for more compressed text messages, without the same trouble that PC Engine games usually have.

Shanghai HuCard

After searching for a simple game to do as my first translation, I decided to do Shanghai because:

It went pretty fast - it only took about a day and a half. I redefined the 8x12 graphic font with alphabetic characters instead of kana, but I couldn't easily get it print regular ASCII text - so I had to use the kana bytecodes for my english text.

I even had to define a few custom tiles with compressed versions of some words so they would fit in less space. Yeah, I was just too lazy to find and alter the pointers to the text.

Shanghai Menu Screen (Japanese) Shanghai Menu Screen (English)

Lode Runner Lost Labyrinth HuCard

I did Lode Runner Lost Labyrinth because it was a fun little game and a quick thing to translate. Not too much text, and an interesting technique of switching between hiragana and katakana in the middle of a phrase.

Lode Runner Lost Labyrinth Sample Screen (Japanese) Lode Runner Lost Labyrinth Sample Screen (English)

Motteke Tamago Super CDROM

I've been working on Motteke Tamago for a little while now... it was more difficult than I first expected because of extensive use of graphics, the replacement of 2 fonts, and a compression technique which I needed to reverse-engineer. A nice challenge, but not enough to keep me down for long. Big thanks go to Forrest Richmond who translated the bulk of the text.

Motteke Tamago Title Screen (Japanese) Motteke Tamago Title Screen (English)
Motteke Tamago Instructions Screen (Japanese) Motteke Tamago Instructions Screen (English)
Motteke Tamago Options Screen (Japanese) Motteke Tamago Options Screen (English)

I'm having enough fun doing this that I will probably keep doing this for awhile, but I obviously can't plan dates or schedules. Any games I translate will likely be PC Engine or PC-FX games, since I enjoy those systems and there don't seem to be enough translations out there for them.


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