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The rat list currently has two groups of secret pals, one lasting for a year, the other for 6 months. Both were organized by Tanja. Anyone can volunteer to organise a new group. Every one who joins must fill out this form, or one like it, and send it to whoever is organising the new group of secret pals.

E-Mail Address:
Mailing Address:
Special Days (ie. Birthdays,Anniversaries,etc..):
Anything unable to be consumed (allergies,diabetic?,etc..):
Willing to ship internationally?:

The organizer assigns everyone a secret pal from the people who sent in forms, and at a specified time in the future, will tell everyone who their secret pal is. Of course, if you're organizing it, and don't want to know who your pal is, you should get someone else (friend or spouse) to match people up, and email everyone with the information about their secret pal.

You must send your secret pal something every month, and when you receive something from your secret pal you must thank your pal on the list and tell everyone what you got! This lets your secret pal know it arrived, and gives other people ideas about what to send their secret pals. You don't have to send expensive stuff, either. A virtual bouquet or card (anonymously, of course), a real card, stickers, just about anything as long as you send something.

It's unfortunate, but it always seems that some don't send their pal gifts, and others don't acknowledge that they've received packages. Before signing up, please consider that this is typically set up to run for a year, and you should be prepared to commit yourself to participating for that long.

If you're interested, I've made a page with all the stuff my Secret Pal's sent me! Look here!

Michelle Owen's Secret Pal sent her this,

Here are some sites that don't demand your email address before they'll send a greeting!

Here are some places where you can order rat stuff:

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