Airlines That Will Let You Fly With Your Rat

Have you ever wanted to be able to take your rat on a plane with you? Well, there are some airlines which allow your pet to travel with you in an underseat carrier, and others which allow you to ship your rat as cargo. Their rules and prices vary, but here are some which have flown rats, or have said they would allow rats on board if their conditions are met.

Always carefully check that the care that will be given to your pet is satisfactory to you before entrusting it to anyone else's care. If you send your pet as baggage or cargo, remember that the carrier will be outside on the runway when being loaded and unloaded. The weather conditions at both ends of the flight can greatly affect your pets' well being.

NOTE - I was contacted by someone who works for a company which buys rats that are shipped to them using an airline. Allegedly, on three separate occasions in a two month period 70% of the rats did not survive. I have not attempted to verify this allegation, and mention it only as a caution to anyone considering shipping live animals by any means. If these alleged incidents occured during the summer months it is quite possible that it was simply too hot to ship an animal safely.

If you know of other airlines, anywhere in the world, which will fly rats, please let me know. The more information on their conditions that you can provide the better, but just the name of the airline would be a big help too. Contact me at

Last updated May 11, 1999
©Virginia Simpson, 1999

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