Hawker Hurricane Mk I: Airfix 1:24

Picture 1
Cockpit frame and engine

Picture 2
Side view of cockpit and engine assembly

Picture 3
Top view of the two units working on with various parts

I was first interested in this plane when seeing one at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. There was a contest there (1993?) and this plane was being overhauled. Since it was being worked on most of the body panels were off. This allowed excellent views of the engine area.

I returned the next week and thanks to the kindness of the people there I was able to get 3 rolls of excellent pictures.

A year later there was a fire at the museam and three planes were destroyed. Unfortunately the Hurricane was one of them. This prompted me to start the model and try and get it finished for the summer CME contest.

Unfortunately the model wasn't done and I didn't want to rush it.

So far the engine and cockpit has been started. The engine has been wired and most of the structure and items around it have been added. A small electric motor (model train) was added inside one of the engines (building 2 at the same time). This will allow me to make a diorama with a spinning prop.

Some of the cockpit has been done. I still have to scratch the instrument panel and add a few more wiring. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to get up to the cockpit during my photo session.

The gears for the landing system have to be scratch built

Model is currently on hold until I get the enthusiasm to get back on it.

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