Space 1999: Eagle Transporter 1:72

I always loved the look of this vehicle but was never able to get a model of it. After looking for years and not finding any I decided to scratch build one.

I started with a built model that I borrowed from a friend. This and pictures from Starlog magazines and Fine Scale Modeller and copies of 3 views from Starlog magazine I started the scratchbuild.

My intention was to produce a limited number of kits. It seems this model is well liked and desired by many but not available or too expensive. I wanted to produce a kit that was very detailed (hopefully accurate) and relatively inexpensive so that the enthusiast could afford it. However with the amount of casting and mold material needed I am wondering what the final price will be. It would be nice to recoup my production costs.

For molding materials I have used Vinamold, RTV rubber and Chaulking Silicone. For the casting I have used Alumilite and Castolite. These are relatively expensive and am looking for something cheaper and easier to use. Both casting materials cure very quickly. A slower curing material that shrinks very little would be nice. Someone suggested automotive body putty. Maybe I will give it a try on some of the larger molds as it is very thick.

So far I have finished 90% of the command module. It took quite a few sessions of filling and sanding to get the final smooth surface. I still have to detail the manouvering engines on and have to re-do the explosive bolts.

I have also scratch built half the back spine out of brass tubing. I want to use this as a basis for the mold for the full spine. The molds for these haven't been easy to make or cast. I may have to rethink this section

The last section I have started is the landing pods. I have made a master box and cast these for the basis for the four corners.

This is as far as I got with the model and it has been sitting idle since the winter of 1995. No planned finishing date yet. I have returned the original model to my friend since I didn't want to keep it forever. One section of the model that will be hard to replicate is the sections directly behind the command module and in front of the engines. My friends model had no detail here and the blueprints are vague. I will have to go by the pictures to get an idea of what I am going to do here.

It has come to my attention that people with New Frontier are working on a 1:48 scale vacformed Eagle. No release date or price so far but the finished model will be huge if/when it comes out.

Knowing the complexity of the subject and the amount of work involved in producing this model I get a better understanding of time and effort spent by the aftermarket people and the high costs involved

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