The Travelling Toolbox
November 30th 1996

There are times when you are travelling or know you are going to be just sitting around with nothing to do. Instead of wasting this time you could be reading a magazine or working on your latest project.

Te first item you will need is some sort of container to carry everything. Generally a small one is preferred. Small enough that it isn't bulky but big enough so that you can put your tools and project into. The wooden box I use is approx 178mmLx127mmDx102mmH (7"Lx5"Dx4"H). It can hold my files, Exacto knives, scissors, sandpaper, glue etc. Another type of container that is good are the plastic food ones. they come in all sizes and one would suit your needs.

I also had a smaller container with the model parts to keep from losing them. this can be one of the food containers or even an old CA bottle with a tamperproof cap.

The key thing is to plan ahead. I rarely do any painting since this can be messy, the paint has to dry and you have to clean the paint brush. If you do want to paint make sure you have some sort of brush cleaner in a sealed bottle and plenty of paper towels. Try and pick subjects that take some time to do and is simple.

1. sanding - easy to do but watch the amount of mess you create. Bring only the types of files needed. No need carrying any extra weight. If it is sandpaper used, make sure you have more then enough. You'll be surprised how often I have run out of clean sandpaper
2. Puttying - be careful of the smell of the putty and be aware that it has to sit for a while to dry before being transported. I use an old Exacto blade to spread my putty. To clean this I carry along a paper towel
3. Gluing - When things are glued together they may not fit back into your box. These items also have to sit and dry before packing away.
4. Scratchbuilding - just make sure you have all the tools needed. A big pain when you are ready for the next step and you forgot raw material or an Exacto knife etc.
5. Photo etched parts- One has to be careful that these parts aren't lost forever or broken off during transport
6. Decalling - can be done but you need a water source and something to cut the decals from the sheet Also recommend a brush and setting solution

Transporting of unfinished items can be hazardous to the parts at times, so be sure the items you are working on are sturdy and can handle a little banging around

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