November 28th 1998

Although almost completely unrelated to model building this technique can be used for making very interesting stuff.

The stuff I use is purchased at a craft store called Armour Etch. These people also sell various stencils of stuff like flowers, stars etc. These are basically rub on transfers that they sell at an inflated price.

Here is what you are supposed to do with their stuff.

1. Buy appropriate stencils, chemicals and item to be etched (ie glass vase, cup etc)
2. Rub the stencil onto glass item
3. Place chemical paste onto stencil for 1 minute. During this time the chemicals will etch the glass where there is no stencil.
4. Clean the paste off under running water.
5. Take off rest of stencil. Dry glass item and you have an etched pattern on the glass item.

Note: this chemical is corrosive so follow safety procedures as outlines on the container.

With this technique you can make whatever pattern you want on a glass mug, mirror etc. I have personalized several drinking glasses and made unique gifts for friends.

With this method you can make custom bases for your models. On todays show we are going to make a mirrored base with the description of the subject etched into the glass. (ie if you have a finished model of a Ferrari 641/2 you might want to place a prancing horse in the corner with the name of the driver)

1. Find a mirror that will act as a base for your model. Some frame places may custom cut the glass to suit you needs.
2. To make the stencil for the etching you can use rub on letters (from an arts or craft store) or you can custom cut one from masking tape or other modelling masking material. Whatever is covered with the masking material is what is going to be etched by the chemicals
3. Once satisfied with the final design airbrush paint, onto the glass over the masked area. I have used Tamiya Acrylics with good results. Always test your paints before working on final product.
4. Once paint if dry peel off your mask. Next apply the chemical to the glass surface. After 1 minute wash off chemicals. With hot water I noticed the Tamiya paint loosened so that it could be removed easier.
4. Dry the glass and you have a very custom made base.

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