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My web site used to be on under Well guess what? Somehow everything is gone. Phone calls and emails have gone unanswered (emails sent June 2 and still waiting for a reply). So now I had to get a new server and I have to rebuild my web site. Most of my stuff will now be on FYI sucks!! The prices maybe cheap but you get what you pay for which is NOTHING! My entire site is now being rebuilt so I am sure a lot of links will not work for a bit


On or around June 23 2007 there was a worldwide effort to show a certain movie on the big screen again in the effort to raise money for Charity. Go to to see the results. The Toronto group raised over $4500CDN. Way to go Browncoats

I've tried to keep the graphics to a minimum on the first page so it can load faster. Other pages will be more electronically augmented.

My Latest Crazy Project is finally finished and it is a Scale Model of a ship from a Joss Whedon TV show

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June 25 2007

Never one to take it easy I took on another HUGE project. How about a 2/3 scale StarGate?
Are you nuts???

Dr Who - Full size K9 March 12 2007
Stalled for a bit - Sorry


Click on Picture or here to see how I built him

Updated May 19 2007

R2D2 Building. Build your own full size droid??? Sure why not

Scale Model Building
Nov 9 2006

Scale model building. I build all subjects; planes, Tanks, ships, cars, figures,
Sci-Fi and so on. This section has tips, reviews of kits I've built, pictures of kits I've built, etc.


Updated Dec 29 2004

Buffy, OBAVA, TT

Group 25

Model Car Club
June 2007

This is the model
club that I belong to.
This section will
give you more
details about this
club. Includes
links to other auto related modeling sites

Skule Nite

April 9 2007 I have
finally got this section
up again but it is

This is the annual student
theatre show put on by
the Engineering Society
at the University of Toronto
(Canada). It is a musical
comedy format with
various skits ranging
in length from 30 seconds
to 15 minutes. Great fun
and great people.

Oct 25 2003

Relax for a bit?? No way. Onto Holly And The Cruisers

nothing to see here move along

July 8, 2001 - Hot Wheels Track
So I finished my R2 so he rolls around. So what do I do next? Do I finish my Scratch built Ferrari 156 Sharknose? No. Do I work on some video projects that are very important? No. Do I work on the F1-2000 build? No. How about the Group 25 Club project? No. Then I must be relaxing this summer. No again. Instead of taking it easy or working on projects I have been committed to I jump on another project.

Are you insane I hear you say? Sometimes I think the same thing. So what is this project I have gotten myself into? Well it is a Hot Wheels Track. Not any track but a large track with parts donated by Mattel and funded by Big Brothers And Sisters of Canada. The track is to be built for the Toronto Molson Indy and is a charity race. People are to pay to race the Hot wheels Track.

Even though it looks easy this was been one very hard project. Besides myself there was Mike, Pat, Brian, Althea, Derek, Paul and Dave who were present at times to build the track.

With only 5 weeks to build and finish the track there was a lot of late nights and weekends.

Click HERE to see more pictures of the track

June 2002 - Hot Wheels track II

A glutton for punishment I have decided to help out with a new Monster Hot Wheels Track. But this time it is not the traditional Hot Wheels that we grew up with. This stuff is brand new and is called Kit Racer by Tomica in Japan. To be introduced in North America it will be called Hot Wheels Kit Racer. It uses different cars and tracks. The cars have a capacitor that stores energy to power a micro motor for approximately 3 minutes. There will be upgrade kits to customize the cars.


Click HERE to see more pictures of the track

Nov 12 2001, Lights and rotating dome have been added to R2. The picture below is R2 in April 2001

Click on Picture or here to see how I built him

Updated Dec 2004
Me with a cheesy grin. Hey wouldn't you if you had your own R2. Comments I got were, "Does he do carpets", "Can he make coffee", "Can he replace some of the workers in the plant?"

So what is the meaning of Styrofoam Guy Extraordinaire? Nov 2001

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