kinetic sculpture/robotics/machines/
Kantor's first machines were fictional automats populating the pseudo-technosphere of Neoist manifestos. Such robotic cyber-devices as "The Neoist Earthquake Slot-Machine"(1980) and "The Neoist Brain War Shock Machine" (1980) were integrated parts of the hyper - trans - ultra - techno - language of Neoism?!. He invented many more unmade-machines among them the "Flying Flaming Steam Iron" that has become know as the symbol of Neoism?!.Throughout the 80s Kantor wore neo-frankensteinian makeup to signify his trans-technological existence. Kantor produced his first hydraulic performance-machine "Robot Platform" in 1992, that was followed by a series of kinetic noise-sculptures exploring office furniture and especially the file cabinet. The File Cabinet Project comments on the semi-robotic nature and kinesonic sculptural system of "office furniture machinery". His recent cabinet-robots Executive Machinery(1996), Clipmachine (1999) and Integral Unit (1999) are fully automated computer controlled noise-machines.
Istvan Kantor's main subjects are the decay of technology and the struggle of the individual in technological society. His work has been described by the media as rebellious, anti-authoritarian, intellectually assaultive, as well as technically innovative and highly experimental. His radically changing and often extreme creative ambitions are always related to his living environment and social situation. Since 1991 Kantor lives in Toronto and conducts his wide ranging operations from his office known as Puppet Government. Kantor toured with Executive Machinery in Europe in 1997/98/99, participating at prestigeous electronic media art festivals in England, Germany, Holland and Hungary. A selection of his machine-works were recently exhibited at Inter-Acces in Toronto and at Oboro Gallery in Montreal.