Includes terms used in studies of archival sources and in archival practices, along with some useful words a researcher might need while doing archival research in Russia

For a brief glossary of archival terms in Russian see:



Акт, акты (pl.) - akt, akty - act, acts (from Latin actus - action, performance; actum - document; actum est - it's done, completed), document(s) per se. Acts record somebody's rights, instructions, informative notes, etc.; different from legal codes, because they do not formulate laws but only implement them. Include грамоты (deeds, charters), договоры (agreements), поручения (instructions), купчие (deeds of land purchase), закладные (mortgage records), etc.

Анкета - anketa - questionnaire.

Архив, архивы (pl.) - arkhiv, arkhivy - archive, archives: a repository devoted to permanent storage, preservation, and public reference use of official and other documentary materials.

Архивоведение - arkhivovedenie - the study of archives; includes the structure and organization of archives; archival holdings; their systematization, bibliography, and finding aids; and methods of collecting and preserving documents.

Афиша - afisha - playbill, informative poster.



Белая дата - belaia data - white date, a date impressed in paper in the process of its manufacturing, clearly visible against the light; helps to date undated documents or prove the correctness of dates.

Бланк заказа, бланки заказа (pl.) - blank zakaza, blanki zakaza - request form(s).

Бoбина, бoбины (pl.) - bobina, bobiny - film reel, usually of big size.

Бюджет - biudzhet - budget.

Бюллетень - biulleten' - bulletin.



Ведомственный архив, ведомственные архивы (pl.) - vedomstvennyi arkhiv, vedomstvennye arkhivy - archive of a particular agency, institution.

"Ветхое" - vetkhoe - fragile, in bad condition; often used in reference to a delo as a reason for not giving it to researchers.

Внутренняя опись - vnutrenniaia opis' - internal inventory; an inventory of all documents included in the delo.

Водяной знак - vodianoi znak - watermark, synonym of филигрань, a design impressed in paper in the process of its manufacturing, clearly visible against the light, allows rather precise dating of the paper.

Временный пропуск - vremennyi propusk - temporary pass.

Выписка, выписки (pl.) - vypiska, vypiski - note, notes, copying out.

Выходной (день), выходные (дни) (pl.) - vykhodnoi (den'), vykhodnye (dni) - day off.

Вязь - viaz' - ligature; a decorative script with squashed letters, emerged by the late fourteenth century, was mostly used for titles of manuscripts.



Глаголица, глаголический шрифт, глаголический алфавит - glagolitsa, glagolicheskii shrift, glagolicheskii alfavit - Glagolitic; the Glagolitic alphabet; Slavonic script, commonly ascribed, along with Cyrillic, to St. Cyril (826-869) and St. Methodius (815-885) but now increasingly believed by historians to have existed more than a hundred years before.

Гражданский шрифт - grazhdanskii shrift - Civil Russian alphabet introduced by Peter the Great in 1707-1710.

График - grafik - schedule; diagram; graph.



Дело (д.), дела (дд.) (pl.) - delo, dela - file, files; item, unit; a basic classification unit within a fond.

Делопроизводственные материалы - deloproizvodstvennye materialy -documents of management and record keeping; reflect and regulate institutional relations, etc. Указы, приказы, распоряжения, циркуляры, журналы заседаний, рапорты, переписка, прошения, жалобы, etc.

Диаграмма - diagramma - diagram.

Дипломатическая переписка - diplomaticheskaia perepiska - diplomatic correspondence.

Директива - direktiva - directive.

Договор - dogovor - agreement, contract.

Доклад - doklad - report.

Докладная записка - dokladnaia zapiska - memorandum.

Документ - dokument - document.

Донесение - donesenie - dispatch.



Единица хранения (ед.хр.), единицы хранения (pl.) - edinitsa khraneniia, edinitsy khraneniia - delo, file, unit.



Жалоба - zhaloba - complaint.

Журнал учёта - zhurnal ucheta - registration book, account ledger.



Заверительная запись - zaveritel'naia zapis' - confirmation note and signature.

Заключение - zakliuchenie - conclusion, findings.

Законодательный источник - zakonodatel'nyi istochnik - legislative source, legal code.

Заявление - zaiavlenie - request, application.



Инструкция - instruktsiia - instruction.

Источник, источники (pl.) - istochnik, istochniki - source, archival source.

Источники личного происхождения - istochniki lichnogo proiskhozhdeniia - sources of personal origin; personal documents and memoirs, letters, literary works, etc.

Источниковедение - istochnikovedenie - the study of archival sources; deals with archival documents and elaborates on the theory and methods of their analysis and utilization.



Каникулы - kanikuly - (summer, winter, etc.) break, vacation.

Картотека, картотеки (pl.) - kartoteka, kartoteki - card catalog, card inventory or index.

Каталог, каталоги (pl.) - katalog, katalogi - catalog, directory.

Катушка - katushka - film reel, usually of small size.

Кириллица, кириллический шрифт, кириллический алфавит - kirillitsa, kirillicheskii shrift, kirillicheskii alfavit - Cyrillic; the Cyrillic alphabet; Slavonic script assumed to have been invented by two Christian missionaries, St. Cyril (826-869) and St. Methodius (815-885).

Коллекция, архивная коллекция, коллекции (pl.) - kollektsiia, arkhivnaia kollektsiia, kollektsii - collection, archival collection.

Контракт - kontrakt - contract.

Копия - kopiia - copy.

Ксерокопия - kserokopiia - Xerox copy.

Летопись, летописи (pl.) - letopis', letopisi - chronicle, annals.



Лингвистический источник - lingvisticheskii istochnik - linguistic source; source of historical knowledge based on studying words, abbreviations, slang, etc., reflecting concepts of life or politics.

Лист (л.), листы (лл.) (pl.) - list, listy - folio, leaf, sheet.

Лист использования - list ispol'zovaniia - sheet for registration of using, kept within a delo.

Листовка - listovka - leaflet.

Листок учёта - listok ucheta - registration form.

Листок учёта кадров - listok ucheta kadrov - personnel registration form.

Литературный памятник - literaturnyi pamiatnik - literary work; a masterpiece, used as a source of historical knowledge.

Личная карточка - lichnaia kartochka - personal card, personnel registration form.

Личный архив, личные архивы (pl.) - lichnyi arkhiv, lichnye arkhivy - personal collection.



Мандат - mandat - mandate, warrant.

Манускрипт - manuskript - old (ancient) manuscript.

Массовые источники - massovye istochniki - mass, popular sources; documents per se that originate from everyday life situations: marital agreements, land transfers and deeds, mortgage records, birth certificates, career records, etc.

Материалы (pl.) ревизии, материалы (pl.) проверки - materialy revizii, materialy proverki - audit or probe materials.

Машинопись, машинописный документ - mashinopis', mashinopisnyi dokument - typed document.

Микрофильм - mikrofil'm - microfilm.



Наглядно-агитационная документация - nagliadno-agitatsionnaia dokumentatsiia - visual agitation or propaganda; documents of this category have no officially prescribed form and seldom bear handwritten text; include объявление, афиша, плакат, листовка, реклама, бюллетень, схема, диаграмма, транспарант, открытка, and so on.

"На инвентаризации" - na inventarizatsii - sent for inventory survey; often used in reference to a delo as a reason for not giving it to researchers.

Название - nazvanie - title.

"На обработке" - na obrabotke - sent for treatment; often used in reference to a delo as a reason for not giving it to researchers.

Нарративный источник - narrativnyi istochnik - narrative source.

"На реставрации" - na restavratsii - sent for restoration; often used in reference to a delo as a reason for not giving it to researchers.

Научно-справочный аппарат (НСА) - nauchno-spravochnyi apparat (NSA) - reference apparatus; a set of published and unpublished finding aids.

"Не выдается" - ne vydaetsia - non-circulating, not to be given out.

Новый стиль - novyi stil' - new style; a new system of chronology, based on the Gregorian calendar, introduced in Russia on February 14 (1), 1918.

Номер (№), номера (№№) (pl.) - nomer, nomera - number.

Норма, норматив - norma, normativ - norm, standard.



Обеденный перерыв, обед - obedennyi pereryv, obed - lunch break.

Обзор - obzor - survey, summary, description.

Оборотная сторона листа, оборот (об.), обороты (pl.) - oborotnaia storona lista, oborot, oboroty - verso, reverse side of a sheet.

Объявление - ob"iavlenie - advertisement, notice.

Обязательства (pl.) - obiazatel'stva - obligations.

Описание, описания (pl.) - opisanie, opisaniia - description, survey.

Опись (оп.), описи (pl.) - opis', opisi - unpublished inventory of a fond; a list of dela, a basic finding aid.

Организационно-распорядительная документация - organizatsionno-rasporiaditel'naia dokumentatsiia - organizational/administrative or directional documentation; includes documents which generally regulate an organization's functions; the relations between the management and the employees; and the relations between different organizations, institutions, and individuals; also, includes documents related to official meetings and proceedings. Among the documents in this category are: положение, устав, правила, нормативы, инструкция, циркуляр, обязательства, договор, контракт, трудовое соглашение, приказ, указ, указание, директива, распоряжение, постановление, поручение, предписание, решение, резолюция, протокол, стенограмма or стенографический отчёт, etc.

Открытка - otkrytka - postcard.

Отношение - otnoshenie - official letter from a supporting institution.

Отпуск - otpusk - vacation.

Отчёт - otchet - report.

Отчетно-контрольная документация - otchetno-kontrol'naia dokumentatsiia - reporting/control or verification documentation; includes documents such as отчёт, обзор, рапорт or доклад, докладная записка, донесение, материалы ревизии or материалы проверки, заключение, резолюция, справка, справка о деятельности, etc.



Папка, папки (pl.) - papka, papki - paper folder.

Паспорт - pasport - passport.

"Передано в …" - peredano v… - transferred to…; often used in reference to a delo as a reason for not giving it to researchers.

Перепись населения - perepis' naseleniia - census.

Перечень, перечни (pl.) - perechen', perechni - list, inventory.

Письма (pl.) трудящихся (pl.) - pis'ma trudiashchikhsia - letters from citizens to officials and institutions.

Письменный источник - pis'mennyi istochnik - written source; a document; an archival source containing any types of written, typed or printed material.

Плакат - plakat - placard or poster; usually of ideological contents.

План мероприятия - plan meropriiatiia - plan of the event.

Плановая документация - planovaia dokumentatsiia - planning documentation; includes plans, programmes, and budgetary estimates: план работы, план мероприятия, проект, программа, смета, бюджет, график, etc.

План работы - plan raboty - plan of work.

Подлинник - podlinnik - original; authentic document.

Положение - polozhenie - regulation, statute.

Полуустав - poluustav - half-uncial; the Cyrillic script with simplified geometrical form, prevailed in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Поручение - poruchenie - commission.

Постановление - postanovlenie - decree, decision, resolution.

Правила (pl.) - pravila - rules.

Предложение - predlozhenie - suggestion.

Предписание - predpisanie - direction, instruction.

Приказ - prikaz - order.

Программа - programma - programme.

Проект - proekt - draft.

Пропуск - propusk - pass.

Просмотр - prosmotr - looking through, scanning.

Протокол - protokol - protocol or minutes.

Путеводитель, путеводители (pl.) - putevoditel', putevoditeli - guide, guides; a published archival finding aid covering major document collections of a particular archive.



Радиограмма - radiogramma - radiogram.

Разовый пропуск - razovyi propusk - one-day pass.

Разрешение - razreshenie - permission.

Рапорт - raport - brief report.

Распоряжение - rasporiazhenie - order, instruction.

"Рассекречено" - rassekrecheno - declassified.

Ревизия - reviziia - revision; census in Russia in 1718-1857.

Ревизская сказка - revizskaia skazka - census record.

Реестр, реестры (pl.) - reestr, reestry - register, list, roll.

Резолюция - rezoliutsiia - resolution, decision.

Реклама - reklama - advertisement, usually promoting services or merchandise.

Ремонт - remont - renovation.

Решение - reshenie - decision.

Рукописный отдел, отдел рукописей - rukopisnyi otdel, otdel rukopisei - manuscript department.

Рукопись, рукописный документ - rukopis', rukopisnyi dokument - manuscript; handwritten document.



Санитарный день - sanitarnyi den' - cleaning day.

Свидетельство о рождении - svidetel'stvo o rozhdenii - birth certificate.

Сводка - svodka - progress report.

"Секретно" - sekretno - classified; often used in reference to a delo as a reason for not giving it to researchers.

Скоропись - skoropis' - cursive; the Cyrillic script with rounded letter forms, connecting strokes and high speed of execution (literal meaning - fast writing), evolved in the fifteenth century.

Служебное письмо - sluzhebnoe pis'mo - official letter.

Смета - smeta - budgetary estimate.

Собрание, архивное собрание - sobranie, arkhivnoe sobranie - collection, archival collection.

Список, списки (pl.) - spisok, spiski - list, inventory, index.

Справка, справки (pl.) - spravka, spravki - information, notification, report.

Справка о деятельности - spravka o deiatel'nosti - information on activities.

Справочник, справочники (pl.) - spravochnik, spravochniki - guide, guides; usually a short version of a putevoditel'; incomplete archival finding aid.

Старый стиль - staryi stil' - old style; an old-style system of chronology, based on the Julian calendar, existed in Russia from 1700 and replaced by новый стиль in accordance with the February 14 (1), 1918 reform.

Статистика, статистический источник - statistika, statisticheskii istochnik - statistics, statistical source.

Статистическая документация - statisticheskaia dokumentatsiia - statistical documentation.

Стенограмма, стенографический отчёт - stenogramma, stenograficheskii otchet - stenographic record.

Схема - skhema - diagram.



Табель - tabel' - table.

Тариф - tarif - tariff, rate.

Текущая переписка - tekushchaia perepiska - routine correspondence; includes all kinds of outgoing and incoming office papers and is therefore the most widespread office documentation: служебное письмо, телеграмма, телетайп or телетайпное сообщение, радиограмма, телефонограмма; also includes письма трудящихся, which fall into three categories: предложение, заявление, and жалоба.

Телеграмма - telegramma - telegram.

Телетайп, телетайпное сообщение - teletaip, teletaipnoe soobshchenie - teletype message.

Телефонограмма - telefonogramma - telephonogram.

Тема, темы (pl.) - tema, temy - topic.

Транспарант - transparant - transparency or placard designed to be carried.

Требование, требования (pl.) - trebovanie, trebovaniia - request form.

Трудовое соглашение - trudovoe soglashenie - labour agreement.



Удостоверение, - udostoverenie - certificate. Удостоверение личности - udostoverenie lichnosti - identity card.

Удостоверяющая документация - udostoveriaiushchaia dokumentatsiia - identification documentation; includes different types of personal documents such as паспорт, удостоверение, удостоверение личности, свидетельство о рождении, характеристика, мандат, some types of справка, and so on.

Указ - ukaz - edict.

Указание - ukazanie - directive, command.

Указатель, указатели (pl.) - ukazatel', ukazateli - index.

"Уничтожено" - unichtozheno - destroyed; often used in reference to a delo as a reason for not giving it to researchers.

Учетная документация - uchetnaia dokumentatsiia - accounting documentation; embraces the large group of documents related to personnel and financial information, bookkeeping, and some norms or standards: анкета, листок учёта, личная карточка or листок учёта кадров, журнал учёта, список or перечень, табель, тариф, сводка, норма or норматив, опись, etc.

Устав - ustav - uncial; the oldest Cyrillic script with geometrically shaped letters in hand-printed form, was generally in use from the eleventh to the fourteenth centuries.

Устав - ustav - statute, regulation.



Филигрань - filigran' - watermark (after the Latin filum - thread and granum - grain); see: водяной знак.

Фонд (ф.), фонды (фф.) (pl.) - fond, fondy - fond; a basic organizational grouping of archival materials; record group, or collection of documents.

Фотокопия - fotokopiia - photocopy.



Характеристика - kharakteristika - reference, personal testimonial.

Хронограф, хронографы (pl.) - khronograf, khronografy - chronological record(s).

Циркуляр - tsirkuliar - circular.

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